John Hushagen

ISA Council of Representatives

John has been an arborist since 1980 and a member of the ISA since 1984.  In 1987 he completed his Masters’ of Science in Urban Horticulture and co-founded Seattle Tree Preservation, Inc. He owned and operated this tree care company until its sale to Bartlett Tree Experts and his retirement in February 2018. He has been a certified arborist since 1992, and currently works part-time as a consulting arborist in the Seattle area.  He was elected to the PNW ISA Board in 1988 and served as vice president, president, and ISA representative until 1994.  After hiring the first paid chapter administrator in the early 90’s, and promoting the newly-minted Certified Arborist program, the growth of the PNW Chapter was phenomenal.

In over 30 years of running a tree care company, his greatest challenge was finding enough young men and women who wanted to work for a progressive and innovative company and make arboriculture their career.  John would like to work with the whole ISA to develop strategies for increasing the visibility of our industry, and recruiting a larger slice of the young work force that may or may not be college bound.

John lives in Shoreline, Washington, with Jan, his wife of nearly 38 years.  Together they tend a huge garden and enjoy traveling to S. California often to visit their granddaughters.  John sings in two choirs in Seattle and has been on three European choir tours in the last six years.  He has been known to turn well-known tunes into tree themed parodies.

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