Below are the various programs PNW-ISA provides to engage, educate and support its membership. Whether you are new to the field of arboriculture, or a seasoned professional, many diverse opportunities are available to broaden your education, knowledge and networking amongst professionals.


Annual Training Conference (ATC)

PNW-ISA's Annual Training Conference occurs each fall. The ATC combines in-person workshops with social and networking opportunities. Members and guests can enjoy viewing or participating in the Tree Climbing Competition Championships, field day workshops, in-person educational sessions, receptions, social activities to learn more about the host city/province, and more!

In 2020, PNW-ISA changed its ATC format from an in-person conference to a virtual adventure. Committee members decided to offer members/guests with a month long conference featuring one to two webinars each week day in October!  Individuals will have an opportunity to earn more than 30+ CEU's all in the comfort of their own home or office. Plus, we've got some fun social and networking opportunities in store for this year's attendees. To view this year's program schedule and register, click on this link.


Arbor Chat

Grab your favorite cup of Joe and tune in to this monthly webinar series that provides PNW-ISA Chapter members with a free educational program centered on a variety of topics. Are you testing a theory, interested in researching a particular topic, or sharing tried and true techniques and information? Arbor Chat is a unique opportunity for members to flush out ideas and concepts they want to learn more about. 



During its Annual Training Conference, PNW-ISA recognizes individuals who are nominated by their peers for excellence as an arborist, tree care worker and volunteer. In addition to these peer-nominated awards, PNW-ISA recognizes one female and one male as winners of its Chapter Tree Climbing Championship.


Educational Opportunities

PNW-ISA offers a variety of educational offerings to support its members throughout the PNW region. These opportunities include in-person workshops, an online Learning Management System with webinars and workshops, Annual Training Conference and Tree Climbing Competitions. To learn more about each, click on the sub-sections in the programs drop-down menu.



The PNW-ISA region includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada. To better serve the needs of its members, PNW-ISA is creating partnerships with various nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities to provide outreach to individuals in need of additional resources to further their career and understanding of arboriculture.


Tree Climbing Competitions (TCC)

PNW-ISA hosts annual Tree Climbing Competitions each spring/summer. In 2021, PNW-ISA has six TCC's scheduled in Boise, ID; Portland, OR; British Columbia, Canada; Puget Sound, WA; Tacoma, WA; and Rogue River, OR. Individuals wanting to improve their tree climbing skills are encouraged to enter a competition so they can learn along like-minded professionals in a fun, competitive and supportive environment.