ATC Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a pivotal experience for students and early-career professionals who want to learn from peers and industry mentors. These connections help build confidence in professionalism and networking. The ATC Mentoring Program matches early-career mentees (less than 5 years of experience) with mid-career mentors (over 5 years of experience) and late-career mentors (over 25 years of experience). These mentoring ‘pods’ provide a constructive and fulfilling experience for all involved. Mentees will gain a sense of industry community and guidance on how to become the professional they want to be. Mentors are able to contribute to the development of the next generations of professionals, develop their coaching skills, and network with the other mentors.


1. Each mentoring pod will include 3-5 people, they are to meet prior to the ATC conference (30 min) via phone or video chat.

2. We highly recommended that groups chat throughout the conference, whether through the new PNW-ISA member portal, or through other channels.

3. After the conference each mentoring pod will participate in a final reflection chat to debrief on next career steps, and what has been learned from the conference and each other.

4. Tell us what you think! An evaluation form will be sent out to each member of the mentoring pod after completing the program.

5. Optional: There will be an Early Career Arborists Panel Discussion at the end of the conference for mentees to discuss their major takeaways from the program among other industry related topics.


To learn more about this year's ATC, click on this link