Newsletter Advertising

For nearly 40 years, Pacific Northwest TREES has provided Chapter news, volunteer spotlights, tree care tips, and educational offerings. In 2012, we moved to an electronic delivery system. With each quarterly issue, the newsletter was sent to more than 2000 Chapter members, friends, and affiliates.

Back issues are archived on the Chapter’s website, ensuring a wider audience for our advertisers.

In 2019, the newsletter will have an all new function – the capacity to insert advertisements directly in the text of the newsletter. The first issue will be distributed in March with subsequent issues in June, September, and December. Please accept this invitation to lock in your advertising space for the March issue. Our new online submission form makes the process easy!

Image Requirements

If your image does not meet technology requirements for size, we can make adjustments. We will do our best to preserve your image. However, if the image does not meet requirements, a slightly altered image may result.

  • A Regular Banner is a horizontal rectangle that has a ratio of 2:1 or greater (less than half of a square).
  • A Large Banner is anything larger than a Regular Banner, up to a full square.
  • We are not presently accepting advertisements that are longer than they are wide.

To ensure the best image, please let us know if you need assistance ahead of time. Contact

Regular Banner, $70

600 x 150 px (4:1 width/height ratio); 28 KB

Large Banner, $170

600 by 400 px (3:2 width/height ratio); 93 KB

​If you’re not sure which size your banner falls under, find out its measurements and see how tall it is if it were 600px wide:

If you need help or have questions, please contact