Celebrating Seasonal Senescence

Happy winter to our PNW membership! The long summer has passed, and Fall has seamlessly traversed into winter frost, snooze buttons, coffee and cocoa, crockpots, and wearable sleeping bags. I for one love the brisk air, the silence of snowfall, and of course the tree-mergencies!
We have all worked so hard to squirrel away food, work, vacations, and family time for this very season. This reminds me of the efforts and risks we have taken all year round, and I am so grateful for everything that which surrounds me.

My favorite tree geek tidbit from autumn/winter senescence are leaves that turn red. This color is the result of the active synthesis of anthocyanin pigments just before the leaves fall from the trees. This is the most common color of autumn leaves! In these leaves, the shades of red are due to different amounts of anthocyanin, the retention of carotenoids, or even a little chlorophyll. Anthocyanin and chlorophyll produce brownish colors. Anthocyanins and carotenoids produce orange hues! Geeked out yet?! Can you be-leave it?! Sorry-not-sorry.
This winter issue is packed like a yard debris bin with updates and results from many major PNW events we have had in recent months. We have so many new upcoming classes and seminars! from The Good Tree People!

If you have ideas for articles and would like to contribute to your PNW-ISA newsletter, then please contact me! No tree too big, and no voice too small. I cherish opportunities to speak directly to you and share your stories with our region and beyond. I leave you with this wintery poem, and wish you a safe and happy holiday season!!

Winter Trees, by George Szirtes

Aren’t you cold and won’t you freeze,

With branches bare, you winter trees?

You’ve thrown away your summer shift,

Your autumn gold has come adrift.

Dearie me, you winter trees,

What strange behaviour, if you please!

In summer you could wear much less,

But come the winter – you undress!

Thank You for Adding to Our Community

To my fellow PNW-ISA members, a huge thank you for your continued support, bringing our chapter to a new level of service and community!  Being a part of this tree family has been a vital part of my career and the reason why I have volunteered for almost a decade. I am getting into the groove of things as the new editor, as I had some huge shoes to fill.  As expected, the board has ensured I have all I need to make this an effective transition.

One of my favorite things to do each year is to serve as a judge at the regional tree climbing competitions, spending quality time with my fellow Arborists and partners. I also enjoy attending Arborists in the Arboretum at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, OR, and volunteering with numerous nonprofits and organizations. Let’s not forget about all the fantastic conferences and courses we share! I believe this type of engagement is necessary to keep our bonds strong and share new information within our given fields. It is a dream to be working at this level, with so many great people, and I am so excited for what the future holds. Read More "Thank You for Adding to Our Community"

Urban Sunset® Maple – Acer truncatum x platanoides ‘JFS-KW187’ 27545

Maples have been widely planted in the urban landscape because they are so tough and tolerant of the urban environment.  Not that we need even more maples on our tree lists, but if you are growing them or are planting more, you should know how the various forms and cultivars compare to each other.  The Urban Sunset® Maple, Acer x platanoides ‘JFS -KW187’ 27545 is a close relative of the Pacific Sunset® and Norwegian Sunset® maples, relatively new maples that are so popular these days.   The most significant difference between these three is that the Urban Sunset® has a more narrow growth habit than the others. Pacific Sunset® and Norwegian Sunset® maples can become incredibly wide.

Urban Sunset® Maple is noted to produce consistent red or burgundy fall color.  They are relatively easy to transplant. They grow very fast, but usually do not exceed 35 to 40 feet tall by about 20 feet wide.  From my experience, they appear to be drought tolerant and show none of the sagging leaf characteristics of red maple that looks pathetic during dry summers.   The shade under mature specimens is so dense that turf will struggle. A ground treatment of arborist’s chips and woodland adapted groundcover plants and ferns is the best option. Read More "Urban Sunset® Maple – Acer truncatum x platanoides ‘JFS-KW187’ 27545"

Spring 2018 TREE Fund Grant Awards

TREE Fund has awarded over $260,000 for tree research and education in our Spring 2018 grant-making season. Please congratulate the recipients and thank the donors who make their work possible. Read More "Spring 2018 TREE Fund Grant Awards"

Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th Edition, By Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers

Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th Edition Cover.New 10th Edition! The Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th Edition is the most informative and comprehensive alignment of current knowledge of the approaches, processes, and methods of plant valuation.

This edition represents a systematic evolution of plant appraisal that integrates new research into a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the available methods. Included in this edition are detailed discussions of newly-streamlined core concepts and terminology, a review of the organization and context of appraisal reports, and an updated emphasis on appraiser awareness of the environmental and ecological benefits that plants provide. Also new to this edition are appendices and a glossary. (©2018, softcover, 170 pp)

Now available on the ISA online store.

2018 International Tree Climbing Championship

This year’s record-breaking ITCC took place in Columbus, Ohio. There were 75 competitors from 21 different countries and 26 female competitors, both more than any previous event.

Congratulations to Kali Alcorn and Dan Kraus who represented the PNW-ISA at the 2018 ITCC. Kali placed 19th out of 26 women. Dan placed 13th out of 49 men.

Portland Joins Nationwide Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis

In June of 2018, City of Portland Urban Forestry (a division of Portland Parks & Recreation, PP&R) launched the Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis (Urban FIA) program, in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNWRS) of the US Forest Service (USFS), Department of Agriculture. The Urban FIA is an extension of the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) which has provided a forest census for the US since 1930. Based in methodology from the FIA, the Urban FIA aims to capture urban canopy data across all land use types-public and private, in cities across the US, using standardized protocol and data collection procedures. Read More "Portland Joins Nationwide Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis"

Inaugural Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop Great Success

WTCW 2018 Instructors and TAs

PNW-ISA hosted an inaugural Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop on June 1-3, 2018 in Stanwood, WA. The event was a raging success! Not only did it sell out very quickly but the feedback received during and after the workshop was enthusiastic, to say the least.

International Tree Climbing Championship competitors Bear LeVangie and Melissa LeVangie flew in from the east coast to teach the workshop. Teaching assistants from both coasts came out to support this event. All instructors and teaching assistants were engaging, enthusiastic, genuine and knowledgeable. What a team! We can’t wait to have them back! Read More "Inaugural Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop Great Success"

Seattle Consulting Arborist Receives ISA Honorary Life Membership

Scott BakerScott Baker focuses on science, technology, adventure parks and treehouses

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.  – Scott Baker of Seattle, Washington, is the recipient of the 2018 International Society of Arboriculture’s (ISA) Honorary Life Member award. This Award of Distinction recognizes ISA members who have contributed substantially to the progress of arboriculture and have given unselfishly in their efforts to support the industry. Read More "Seattle Consulting Arborist Receives ISA Honorary Life Membership"

PNW-ISA Members Honored by ISA

Three exceptional PNW-ISA members received accolades at the 2018 ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show: Scott Baker, Linden Lampman, and Owen Croy. Read More "PNW-ISA Members Honored by ISA"