ISA Compliance Program Series Volume 1: ISA Code of Ethics

by Rosa Gutierrez, Compliance Services Manager at ISA

ISA is responsible for maintaining and supporting the integrity of our credentials, and we accomplish this goal in many ways. One resource we utilize is our internal compliance program which has four main areas of focus: facilitating compliance with ANSI/ISO standards, management of the ISA Code of Ethics charges and subsequent cases, management of any “appeals” of those outcomes and the protection of the logos used to identify individuals holding credentials. Read More "ISA Compliance Program Series Volume 1: ISA Code of Ethics"

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Cristina Bowerman Cristina Bowerman
Executive Director
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Change. It’s inevitable isn’t it? Yet how many of us resist it? While change can be good, it can also be difficult for us to process and accept as it’s riddled with the unknown. As human beings we are creatures of comfort. We like our routines and familiarity and while that’s good, change brings opportunities to grow and evolve into something even better.

PNW-ISA is in a period of great change. As we celebrate 40 years of success and accomplishments, we are also evaluating our programs and services to ensure relevancy for our future. Read More "The Times They Are A-Changin’"

Intense Winds January 6 2019 Created Many Tree Failures

Christopher Rippey Christopher Rippey
Rippey Arboriculture, LLC
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I spent all of January 5th, 2019 in north Seattle pulling a tree out of a house. I arrived on-scene that morning at 4am and worked till 7:30pm that night. I got home to my house in Kent, Washington and passed out only to be awoken at 1:30am by very intense gusting winds. I spend the next hour or so watching transformers blow out and the trees in my neighborhood violently sway back and forth.

I have lived in that house for almost four years and had never experienced stronger winds than those I experienced that night. I seriously thought one of my well cared for trees was going to fall onto my neighbor’s house. My brother who is also an Arborist and lives a couple miles from me was also awoken by the wind. While watching the wind’s effect on the trees in his neighborhood, he saw a large hemlock tree sway back and forth and then fall on a house. It was a pretty intense night.

The morning after the storm my neighborhood was eerily quiet and littered with Douglas fir branches. Our power was out but work was calling so I left my son and wife at home and headed back in. That day I worked until 5pm clearing trees from roads and from on top of various things. It was a big overtime weekend for me. A few days later I sifted through the tree failure reports the Pacific North-West Tree Failure Database (PNWTFD) had received. Read More "Intense Winds January 6 2019 Created Many Tree Failures"

Board Profile: Ian Scott, Secretary

Dylan Saito Dylan Saito
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Ian Scott, a white man with dark hair, a salt-and-pepper beard and glasses.What is your background in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry?

I completed a Bachelors of Science in Forestry and Environmental Management from the University of New Brunswick in 1998.  I had thought my career would start in a logging community somewhere in Northern BC, however my first professional opportunity  started in utility vegetation management (UVM). I worked for 3 years with various tree inspection projects along the rights-of-way in California for Pacific Gas and Electric.  From this earliest experience, I migrated north to Washington and continued working in UVM for Puget Sound Energy. As a consultant, my work increasingly involved consulting on urban forestry issues with municipalities and private property managers. In 2009, I attended the Municipal Forestry Institute (MFI) and have since engaged in a decade of urban forestry projects including tree inventories, urban forest management plans and urban forest inventories. Read More "Board Profile: Ian Scott, Secretary"

Seattle Regional TCC

Margo Thorp Margo Thorp
PNW-ISA Education Program Coordinator
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The Seattle Regional Tree Climbing Competition at Volunteer Park turned out great. We had 26 men and 4 ladies compete for prizes and recognition. Big thanks to our premier sponsors WTD, Davey, Bartlett, Seattle Parks Department and all the others that made the event possible.

Roger Barnett posted many photos on his facebook page, check it out! Don’t forget to share your photos of the event!

A big thanks to Justina Harris Kraus for coordinating this TCC!

PNW-ISA Education Update

Margo Thorp Margo Thorp
PNW-ISA Education Program Coordinator
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The PNW-ISA education program is now scheduling workshop offerings for the 2019-2020 year. Additional winter and spring workshops will be published in the coming months. Keep an eye on to stay in the loop on new and exciting opportunities. Read More "PNW-ISA Education Update"

Update from the Board of Directors on the Executive Director Search

In early August 2019, the position announcement for the PNW-ISA Executive Director was posted widely on job search websites, social media, and with partner organizations.   As of 8/29, 70+ candidates had applied. The posting period will close on September 1st. In September candidates will be screened, and the most qualified will move through phone and video interviews, to in-person interviews during this year’s Annual Training Conference in Eugene.  We anticipate that the new Executive Director will be hired by November this year.

Farewell to Patty Williams

Patty Williams, our executive director, let the Board know that she will be leaving PNW-ISA at the end of September this year. Patty has served our Chapter since January 2002 and has grown this organization into what it is today. Patty’s work this year has helped us to transition away from a physical to a virtual office environment and has updated many of our systems and practices, positioning the Chapter for growth in the coming years. If you would like to reach out to Patty with any words of thanks, she can be reached at until September 27th.

Children and Trees

Phil Bennett Phil Bennett
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I had the privilege of growing up in a rural area in the middle of England.  During the school year, I would get home from school, have a bite to eat, and head out into the local woods, fields and hedgerows.  In summertime I would spend whole days outside, with no idea what time it was, or when I last had anything to eat or drink. Tree climbing was always a part of it.  Where I grew up, English brown oak, Quercus robur and sessile oak, Quercus petraea were abundant and easily climbable, with decurrent form and branches close to the ground.  My experience of childhood had everything to do with my ultimate career choices. Read More "Children and Trees"

PNW-ISA Executive Director Position Announcement

PNW-ISA is seeking an Executive Director (ED) who is a highly motivated team builder and leader with a vision for expanding the reach and impact of our organization for current and future members, and the arboriculture industry in our region. The overarching mandate for the ED will be to implement a business model furthering initiatives outlined in the Chapter strategic plan and directing the organization into its next phase of growth and sustainability. Read More "PNW-ISA Executive Director Position Announcement"