Chapter Award Nomination

The Chapter’s Annual Awards Ceremony is cause for celebration for the award winners, the audience, and the entire Chapter membership. To encourage more participation and bring a new level of prestige to the award winners, the award categories have been reduced in number. Send in the name of an outstanding event volunteer, industry researcher of note, or your favorite arborist. Multiple submissions accepted. Please indicate award and include as much information as possible about your nominee.

When reviewing nominations, we consider the following criteria:

  • Number of years as a Chapter member
  • Number of years involved in the industry
  • Reason for the nomination
  • Service to the Chapter or contribution towards fulfilling our mission
  • Adherence to industry ethics and standards
  • References and letters supporting the nomination

Whether the nominee is an ISA certified arborist or holds other industry credentials/qualifications is considered a bonus.

  • Include history, background, honors, special activities, etc.
  • If your nominee receives an award, the nominating committee may request additional information for the awards ceremony.

Find the PDF of the paper version of this form here.