Chapter Awards & Recognition

Each year, we recognize the skill and dedication of our members through the Chapter Awards program and the Chapter Tree Climbing Championship.

Annual Awards

The Chapter’s Annual Awards Ceremony is cause for celebration for the award winners, the audience, and the entire Chapter membership. To encourage more participation and bring a new level of prestige to the award winners, awards are restricted to three categories.

Anyone can nominate a prospective award winner. We encourage you to submit the name of an outstanding event volunteer, industry researcher of note, or your favorite arborist. Multiple submissions are accepted. Please indicate an award and include as much information as possible about your nominee.

Nominate someone you know for an award using our new online form or access the PDF version.

Arborist of the Year

The Arborist of the Year award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to the practice of arboriculture in the Pacific Northwest.

All Winners of Arborist of the Year

2019 Chris Rippey
2018 Cliff Hoegler
2017 Roger Barnett
2016 Julian Dunster
2015 John Goodfellow
2014 Brian French and Will Koomjian
2013 Terrill Collier

Tree Worker of the Year

The Tree Worker of the Year award goes to an individual who has significantly improved the quality of tree care, climbing techniques, and/or safety of tree care professionals.

All Winners of Tree Worker of the Year

2019 Emily Roberts
2018 Dan Holliday
2017 Katy Bigelow
2016 Damien Carre
2015 John Dale
2014 Scott Clifton
2013 Jason Timmis
2011 Rupert Evans
2010 Dave Gaugel
2009 Thor Clausen
2008 James Hartzell
2007 Michael Oxman
2006 Kathy Holzer

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year award goes to an individual who has made significant contributions to the success of PNW-ISA through volunteer service.

All Winners of Volunteer of the Year

2019 Priscilla Esplin
2018 Justina Kraus
2017 Bess Bronstein
2016 PNW-ISA Conference Planning Committee
2015 Phil Bennett
2014 Micki McNaughton
2013 Micki McNaughton
2011 Garth Davis
2010 Wendy Robinson
2009 Ian Wilson
2008 Bryce Landrud
2007 Becky Merja
2006 Ben Thompson
2005 Rupert Evans
2004 Jim Flott
2003 Blair Veitch
2002 John Hushagen
2001 Norm Hol
2000 Susan Munro
1999 Annie Barborinas

President's Citation Award

The President’s Citation Award is awarded at the option of and solely by the Chapter president to recognize outstanding achievement by an individual during the president’s two-year term.

All Winners of President’s Citation

2018 Patty Williams
2016 Annie & Jim Barborinas
2011 John Hushagen and David McKim Reich
2010 Jack McGee
2009 Jeff Beckwith
2008 Boise City Forestry
2007 Randall Miller
2006 No Award
2005 Terry Flanagan
2004 Dana Hatley and Patty Williams
2003 Tina Melton
2002 Julian Dunster
2001 Paul Ries
1999 Jack McGee
1998 Dorothy Hartshone
1997 Favero Greenforest
1996 Jim Barborinas
1996 Brian Fisher
1996 Paul Ries
1994 Michael Gye
1993 Susan Munro
1990 Tom Matthews

ISA Harry J. Banker Gold Leaf Award


2016: General Tree Service

This nomination seeks to recognize General Tree Service's long-standing commitment to fund a Tree Preservation Grant to preserve trees in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA that might otherwise not be helped due to economic hardships of the owner. The grant was established to help qualified individuals/organizations unable to preserve irreplaceable trees on their own and promote quality tree care to preserve long-term health.

Tree Climbing Champions

2019 Top Female Climber: Alie O’Connor
2019 Top Male Climber: Robert Bundy

2018 Top Female Climber: Kali Alcorn
2018 Top Male Climber:
Dan Kraus

2017 Top Female Climber: Anita Dilles
2017 Top Male Climber: Dan Kraus

2016 Top Female Climber: Leah Jardine of Burnaby, BC
2016 Top Male Climber: Robert Bundy of Milwaukie, OR

2015 Top Female Climber: Veronika Ericcson
2015 Top Male Climber: Robert Bundy

Previous Award Categories

All Winners of Arboriculture Award

2010 John Goodfellow
2009 Julian Dunster
2008 Ann & Gerry Bates
2007 Dennis Tompkins
2006 Robert Mazany
2005 William L. Owen (posthumous)
2003 Joe Poracsky
2002 Paul Ries
2001 Scott Baker
2000 James Causton
1997 Dorothy Hartshone
1996 Arthur Lee Jacobson
1995 Brian Fisher
1994 Richard Holmes
1993 Molly Beck
1992 Alex Thorburn
1991 Terry Flanagan

All Winners of Education Award

2011 City of Kent
2010 Olaf Ribeiro
2009 Mario Lanthier
2008 Debbie Cook
2007 Kenelm Russell
2006 Rich Baker
2005 Bill Stephens
2004 Dennis Matlock
2003 Kathy Wolf
2002 Sean Stephens
2001 Bill Stone
2000 Cass Turnbull
1999 Dave Kiesig
1998 Julian Dunster
1997 Susan Murray
1996 Shirley Nicolson
1995 Joe Carli
1994 George Pinyah
1993 Paul Ries
1992 Greg Paulson
1991 Ray Malieke
1990 Phil Frazee
1989 Susan Murray

All Winners of Commercial Arborist

2010 Tim Kastning
2009 Noah Violini
2008 Steve Lambert
2007 Dan Echle (posthumous)
2006 John Hushagen
2005 Steven Lush
2004 Bill Josey
2003 Stephen Peacock
2002 Ian MacCallum
2001 Bruce Broughton
2000 Nathaniel Sperry
1999 Rich Baker
1998 Ken McGregor
1996 Bryce Landrud
1995 Elwood Newhouse
1994 John and Judy Good
1993 Terrill Collier
1992 David McKim Reich
1991 Brian Fisher
1990 John Hushagen

All Winners of Municipal Arborist

2011 Karen Haskew
2010 Nolan Rundquist
2009 Charles Ray
2008 Paul Montelier
2007 Greg Ward
2006 James Luce
2005 Dave Hill
2004 Roger Blanchard
2003 Matt Stine
2002 Duane Northrup
2001 Jim Flott
2000 Jerry Stallsmith
1999 Paul West
1998 Brian Gilles
1997 Stacey Good
1996 Liz Ellis
1995 Len Eckberg

All Winners of Utility Arborist

2010 Hal Porter
2009 Phillip Graham
2008 Duncan Isberg
2007 Craig Westling
2006 Brian Jones (posthumous)
2005 Rod Soderstrom
2004 Brian Fisher
2003 Jeff Beckwith
2002 Jay Neil
2001 Randy Miller
2000 Larry Lee
1999 Galen Wright
1997 Jack McGee
1996 David Wall
1995 Mick Kavran
1994 Sharon Vore
1993 Steve Hallmark
1992 David Johnson
1991 Ben Barnes
1990 John Goodfellow

All Winners of Award of Merit

2011 Tonie Fitzgerald
2010 Kathy Sutalo
2009 Brian French
2008 Dan Kraus
2007 Peter Carris
2006 Elizabeth Walker
2005 Phillip Graham
2004 Katie Kause
2003 Greg Paulson
2002 Jim and Annie Barborinas
2001 James O'friel
1999 Del Jaquish
1998 Rob Williams
1997 Scott Baker
1997 John Goodfellow
1997 Tom Myers
1996 John Goodfellow
1996 Elizabeth Walker
1993 Dirk Oostindie
1993 Christina Pfeiffer
1992 Tom Matthews
1992 Scott Plamondon
1991 Bob Mazany
1991 Alex Wynstra
1990 Bill Owen
1989 James Clark
1989 Susan Munro