Chapter Awards & Recognition

Each year, we recognize the skill and dedication of our members through the Chapter Awards program and the Chapter Tree Climbing Championship.

Annual Awards

The Chapter’s Annual Awards Ceremony is cause for celebration for the award winners, the audience, and the entire Chapter membership. To encourage more participation and bring a new level of prestige to the award winners, awards are restricted to three categories.

Anyone can nominate a prospective award winner. We encourage you to submit the name of an outstanding event volunteer, industry researcher of note, or your favorite arborist. Multiple submissions are accepted. Please indicate an award and include as much information as possible about your nominee.

Nominate someone you know for an award using our new online form or access the PDF version.

Arborist of the Year

The Arborist of the Year award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to the practice of arboriculture in the Pacific Northwest.

2018: Cliff Hoegler
2017: Roger Barnett
2016: Dr. Julian Dunster

Dr. Julian Dunster is an ISA Certified Arborist, A PNWISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor (#1), an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist, a Registered Professional Forester, and a Professional Planner. He has numerous awards for his work to the profession and is an Honorary Life Member of the International Society of Arboriculture, and PNW Chapter. As an interdisciplinary expert, he works with many other professionals to give excellent advice that is practical, functional, and will work well on the ground. He has implemented many innovative solutions for tree retention on development sites, and pioneered the development of tree risk assessment in the Pacific Northwest.

He is the course designer and lead instructor of the highly acclaimed Certified Tree Risk Assessor program. He has considerable expertise in tree risk assessment, planning, conservation and environmental impact assessment issues around the world. He is regularly called on to give expert evidence in court on risk issues, personal injury, trespass, and appraisal. He has testified at two inquests in Hong Kong, as well as many cases in British Columbia and Ontario. He authored the often cited book Arboriculture and the Law in Canada, as well as the Dictionary of Natural Resource Management published by UBC Press. He has lectured in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Chile, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and China. Our nominee is a distributor for Airspade and Rinntech Resistograph and Sonic Tomography equipment.

2015: John Goodfellow

John Goodfellow of Redmond, WA has been a valuable asset to the Pacific Northwest ISA and the entire arboricultural community for nearly four decades. He has been active in the Chapter and ISA, conducting research to advance the field of biomechanics in trees. He has consistently presented findings to eager audiences. More recently, he was an active participant in proof-of-concept demonstration of the capabilities of NASA’s stereo photogrammetry imaging techniques in capturing full field 3-D deformations and mechanical behavior of trees under various loading conditions.

2014: Brian French & Will Koomjian

Through their efforts with Ascending the Giants, Brian and Will have reached a new audience with education and information about the professional tree care industry. While their work may be more specific to the climbing arborist community, Brian and Will have trodden new ground with their horizontal climbing endeavors that result in less impact and stress on the trees they service. Groundbreaking efforts worthy of recognition!

Tree Worker of the Year

The Tree Worker of the Year award goes to an individual who has significantly improved the quality of tree care, climbing techniques, and/or safety of tree care professionals.

2018: Dan Holliday
2017: Katy Bigelow
2016: Damien Carré

Damien Carré of Oregon Tree Care, Milwaukie, OR has donated time and energy for many of the Chapter’s Tree Climbing Competitions. He is also known for:

  • His outstanding dedication to the practice of arboriculture.
  • His vision and work ethic to make the PNW the premier area that arborists around the world look to emulate.
  • His generousity with his time and knowledge.
  • Being one of the best and most ethical arborists in the Pacific Northwest.
2015: John Dale

John Dale from Bartlett Tree Experts of Portland, OR, in recognition of years of service to a sizable class of up-and-coming young climbers.

2014: Scott Clifton

Scott has more than aptly served the PNW Chapter’s tree climbing competition over a range of years. He has headed up planning efforts, onsite logistics, equipment inventory, sponsor solicitations, and more for the Portland Regional, Puget Sound Regional, and Chapter Championship. He also played a major role in the ITCC held in conjunction with the ISA 2012 Portland conference. His efforts did not go unnoticed by those intimately involved with the events. This award nomination was designed to bring even broader recognition to his stellar efforts.

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year award goes to an individual who has made significant contributions to the success of PNW-ISA through volunteer service.

2018: Justina Kraus
2017: Bess Bronstein
2016: PNW-ISA Conference Planning Committee of 2016

The PNW-ISA Conference Planning Committee of 2016 is: Brian Jorgenson, Debbie Cook, Dennis Matlock, Ryan Rodgers, Matt Perkins, Mike Andrews, Kathy Robert, Gerry Bates, Kris and Bill Josey, Terri Ham, Maggie Clark, and Ann Bates.

This year’s Conference Planning Committee was comprised of a 13-member core team who volunteered countless hours to plan and execute a top-tier regional ATC in the downtown core of Boise, Idaho. Representatives from public agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations throughout SE Idaho, including Boise, Hailey and Idaho Falls, Idaho, made for a truly team effort.

PNW ISA members, long-standing and new, met monthly for over a year to create a phenomenal program with nationally and regionally recognized speakers; recruit quality conference sponsorship and exhibitors from across the region; create a unique logo and brand for our conference theme, and build a progressive platform through social media and print media for promoting this year’s ATC. The planning team perfectly represented this year’s theme “Connect, Cultivate, Grow.”

2015: Phil Bennett

Phil Bennett was nominated for his inspiring commitment to the PNW-ISA Continuing Education Program.

2014: Micki McNaughton

After aptly coordinating the efforts of volunteers for the ISA 2012 Portland conference, Micki whole-heartedly agreed to serve as the program chair for 2014's Annual Training Conference in Vancouver. While the rest of the committee was within miles of any given meeting location, Micki traveled from Olympia regularly to attend meetings and ensure the ATC14 lineup was a first-class representation of PNW.

President's Citation Award

The President’s Citation Award is awarded at the option of and solely by the Chapter president to recognize outstanding achievement by an individual during the president’s two-year term.

2016: Annie & Jim Barborinas

Annie and Jim are known for their kindness and steadfast dedication to the arboriculture community. They have shared their time and resources over a span of decades to support and promote PNW-ISA as well as the ISA.  Jim is a frequent volunteer, especially around the STIHL Tour des Trees. He also gives freely of his knowledge to the PNW-ISA community through classes and his regular column, PNW Tree Profile.

ISA Harry J. Banker Gold Leaf Award


2016: General Tree Service

This nomination seeks to recognize General Tree Service's long-standing commitment to fund a Tree Preservation Grant to preserve trees in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA that might otherwise not be helped due to economic hardships of the owner. The grant was established to help qualified individuals/organizations unable to preserve irreplaceable trees on their own and promote quality tree care to preserve long-term health.

Previous Annual Award Winners

Tree Climbing Champions

2017 Top Female Climber: Anita Dilles
2016 Top Male Climber: Dan Kraus

2016 Top Female Climber: Leah Jardine of Burnaby, BC
2016 Top Male Climber: Robert Bundy of Milwaukie, OR

2015 Top Female Climber: Veronika Ericcson
2015 Top Male Climber: Robert Bundy