Climbing/Grounds Worker Apprentice

  • Employer: Arbor
  • Location: South Whidbey Island
  • Salary: DOE $17-$30 Part time

Job Description

Arbor Dreams is hiring for Ground Operations / Climbing / Apprentice for tree preservation, pruning, and occasional removals up to 32 hours per week. Pay based on training required, overtime paid after 8 hour work day. Performance bonus paid. Paid maintenance time, when work is called off due to weather. LBGTQ friendly work environment, flexible hours. Temporary, but long-term employment is prefered.

The ideal person for the job will have or be willing to learn the following skill set:

Ability to safely operate gas powered equipment
such as chainsaws, hedging shears, blowers etc.

Work outdoors in all weather conditions.

Be able to communicate clearly in noisy work environments.

Obtain ISA Arborist Certification when 3 years of experience requirements are met.

Have knowledge of common knot work such as; bowline, running bowline, clove hitch, timber hitch, prussik, truckers hitch, sheet bend, and alpine butterfly.

Ability and endurance to lift, pull, carry weights in excess
of 50 lbs repeatedly and up to 100lbs.

Show up on time for scheduled work days.

Ability to climb a ladder.

Safely operate a brush chipper.

Provide valid Drivers License and tow/back up a trailer.

Pack a lunch (30 minute lunch break).

Clean and maintain equipment.

Basic rope work such as; rigging, blocks and pulleys, mechanical advantages, friction breaks, and much more.

Dress appropriately for job at hand/current weather.

Hazard recognition.

Have knowledge or lean proper pruning/CODIT principles.

Sober work environment.

Arbor Dreams
(360) 632-8313

How to Apply

Arbor Dreams
(360) 632-8313