Arborist / Landscape Management

  • Employer: Thomas J Tree & Garden Care LLC
  • Location: North Bend, WA
  • Salary: $18-35/hr Depending on Experience

Job Description

Our business is located in North Bend, WA and we offer a mix of arboriculture and landscaping service. This keeps each day engaging with a mix of pruning small and large trees, orchard management, tree removal, stump removal, tree preservation (i.e. - on construction sites), landscape design and install.  Each day starts at 7am and usually ends around 3pm. There will be longer days here and there.

Rope access is used to climb and prune trees without damaging them. Climbing spurs are used when removing a tree. There is lots of rope use. The landscaping side of our business is very plant-centric, based on low maintenance, ecologically driven design principles. We do not do hardscapes, fountains, or turf management.

You must be able and willing to work independently. This job is meant to be a place for people to learn and grow. There is a lot to learn about herbs, shrubs, trees, medicinal plants, edible plants, climbing gear, the proper felling and pruning of trees. A good fit will be someone who enjoys learning, and in turn enjoys educating others (should that be customers or newer employees).


  • Must be organized and detail oriented – there are many moving pieces
  • Good communication is necessary
  • Must be willing to work outside in all weather
  • Must be able to present and conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times
  • An awareness that customer service is an important part of every day


  • Driver’s license and a reliable mode of transportation
  • Industry experience is not required but will potentially allow for a higher starting wage


$18 - $35/hour depending on experience.  50% employer paid health and dental benefits after 3 months employment. On job training and education. Continuing education allowance. Full time position. A flexible schedule as long as you plan far enough ahead!

How to Apply

Please email us your resume at