Tree Climbing Competitions

PNW-ISA holds as many as three Regional Tree Climbing Competitions (TCC) during the year. Top climbers from the regional TCCs have reserved spots at the PNW-ISA Tree Climbing Championship where they are joined by other enthusiastic climbers.

The Chapter Championship is held during the Annual Training Conference. The top female and male climbers to claim the title of champion go on to represent PNW-ISA at the International Tree Climbing Competition. See our previous champions.

Regional Competitions

Southern Oregon Regional

Date: May 12, 2018
Location: Medford, OR
Website: Southern Oregon Regional Tree Climbing Competition

Portland Regional

Date: June 16–17, 2018
Location: Irving Park
Website: Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition

Seattle Regional

Date: August 26, 2018
Location: Lowell Park, Everett, WA
Website: Seattle Regional Tree Climbing Competition

PNW-ISA Tree Climbing Championship

Date: September 29–30, 2018
Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
Website: Chapter Tree Climbing Championship 2018

International Tree Climbing Championship

Date: August 3–5, 2018
Location: Franklin Park, Columbus , OH
Website: 2018 International Tree Climbing Championship