ATC 2019 Presentation Materials

An Adventurer Network to Support Research & Forest Protection

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Jenélle Dowling
Scientific Director at Adventure Scientists
Ph.D in Behavioral Ecology, Cornell University

Biochar Closes the Loop

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PDF: Biochar Job Estimating Handbook by Kelpie Wilson

Video: Biochar In The Woods - Ecology, Technology And Logistics

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Kelpie Wilson
Owner, Wilson Biochar Associates
Engineer and analyst with 30 years of experience in renewable energy, sustainable forestry and resource conservation.

Building an Integrated UF System Using Urban Lumber

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Every year in North America billions of dollars of potential lumber from urban trees is devalued as firewood, mulched or taken to the landfill. While trees are a great amenity, they are expensive to care for and remove. By planning for the future with urban lumber in mind, we can decrease costs, increase tree canopies and provide sustainably produced wood products. In this talk, David will give an overview of the major problems in urban forestry and how managing trees as seedlings all the way to time of removal can turn urban trees from a liability into an asset and give landowners an incentive to plant more trees.

David Barmon
Co-Owner of Epilogue LLC, Portland based company that mills urban trees into lumber
Co-Owner of Fiddlehead LLC, landscape construction company

The Carbon Balance of Urban Trees

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Joshua Proudfoot
Principal and Founder of Good Company
M. Education

Justin Overdevest
Senior Associate at Good Company
MBA & M.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

The Ecology of Arboriculture

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Ryan Gilpin
Consulting Ecological Arborist at HortScience Bartlett Consulting
B.S. Environmental Biology and Management, University of California, Davis
M.S. International Nature Conservation, Georg-August University of Göttingen and Lincoln University New Zealand
ISA Certified Arborist
Wildlife Protector (#624)

It Takes A Village to Grow A Forest

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Becca Snowdale
Technical Specialist, City of Eugene Parks and Open Spaces
M.A. Landscape Architecture

Promoting & Protecting Pollinators with Trees

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Anne LeSenne
Instructional Support Tech IV in Landscape Technology at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus

Role of Human Healing in Promoting Environmental & Social Justice

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Elaine Walters
Founder and Executive Director of the Trauma Healing Project
M.S. Sociology