Annual Training Conference 2019

ATC 2019. Trees & the Triple Bottom Line: protecting people, prosperity and planet. Pacific Northwest ISA Annual Training Conference. Eugene, Oregon, October 6-9, 2019.

At all scales (local to global), the modern world has become a highly complex, fast-paced and interdependent place where “wicked problems” abound. Whether we’re talking about running a successful business or fighting homelessness, climate change, and violent crime, it is now almost impossible to tease apart social, economic and environmental factors and treat them separately; it’s clear that they are all interconnected. The triple bottom line (TBL) framework is a helpful decision-making tool that can be used by individuals, organizations, and communities to better understand how these factors interrelate and how our choices/actions affect the big picture. This conference is intended to explore the role that trees and urban nature play in our highly-complex modern world, and how arborists and allied professionals can stay on the positive side of things by using the TBL lens to guide their work.

We look forward to providing a wide variety of engaging presentations, inspiring plenary speakers, and extensive networking opportunities that fit with the conference theme “Trees and the Triple Bottom Line.”

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Join Us in Coeur d'Alene Next Year

Next year's PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference will be held October 4-7, 2020 at The Coeur d'Alene Resort in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.