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Benefits of Certification

ISA Certification is a voluntary effort among professionals in the tree care industry to establish a standard of quality in arboricultural work, promote and encourage continuing education, and provide the public with a mechanism for identifying qualified ISA Certified Arborists. Read More.

The Six ISA Certifications

The first step toward becoming ISA Certified is to decide which certification credential is right for you. Read More.

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Hazardous trees regularly lead to death or injury of arborists and property owners. To address this issue, the ISA has created the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ). Read More.

Becoming Certified

Certification requires advance planning and preparation. Read More.

Maintaining Certification

All ISA Certifications are valid for three years. To maintain your certification, you must earn a minimum number of ISA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the end of the three-year period and pay a recertification fee. Read More.

Code of Ethics

The ISA Certification Board has implemented an ISA Certified Arborist Code of Ethics policy to serve as a central guide and reference for ISA Certified Arborists in their day-to-day decision making. Read More.