Thanks to the Sponsors of the 2017 Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition!

Thanks to the following companies for their sponsorship of the 2017 Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition, held at Laurelhurst Park in June:

Rich’s Tree Service

Rich Gillum: $1,000.00

Teragan & Associates

Terry Flanagan: $1,000.00

Bartlett Tree Experts

Lyle Feilmeier: $751.00 Read More "Thanks to the Sponsors of the 2017 Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition!"

Trees for Central Washington

Washington is well known for its verdant forestlands; however, the center of our state is very different. The coulees, shrub-steppes and other high desert landscapes of central Washington are tough environments for trees. This leaves cities asking “what can I plant here?”

For purposes of this article, we are defining central Washington as Douglas, Lincoln, Adams, Franklin, Grant, Benton and Yakima counties, and similarly dry parts of adjacent counties.

The palette of trees for these counties is smaller than it is elsewhere in Washington, yet there are a great many species of ornamental trees that can thrive in central Washington cities and towns. Read More "Trees for Central Washington"

Hot Off the Press!

PNW-ISA member Christina Pfeiffer of Seattle, WA has recently published an updated edition of her book, Pacific Northwest Month-by-Month Gardening: What to Do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year.

Notes Christina: “This practical guide has been updated with current information for maintaining beautiful and healthy gardens, tuned into important regional issues such as water conservation, and protecting pollinators. Arranged by month, each chapter cues into the seasonal rhythms and life cycles in the garden and the timely tasks that go along them. When we can work in sync with nature, caring for the garden becomes more of a pleasing journey, and less of a battle. And as with the first edition, this book offered me an opportunity to include accurate and up-to-date information on tree care and hiring Certified Arborists that is so often missing in general garden guides for the public.”

In Memoriam: Cass Turnbull and Mike Bowman

Cass Turnbull

February 7, 1951 – January 26, 2017

In late January, we were all saddened to learn of the sudden and unexpected death of well-known PlantAmnesty founder Cass Turnbull. While vacationing in Hawaii with her husband, she suffered a fatal heart attack after a swim. Cass was the power, the energy, the humor, and the magic behind PlantAmnesty, a long-time member of ISA and the PNW Chapter, and she will be missed by all who knew her.

PlantAmnesty is organizing a public celebration of her life called “The Life and Times of Cass Turnbull” at 1 PM on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at Shoreline Community College Theater in Shoreline, WA. Further information can be found at

Read More "In Memoriam: Cass Turnbull and Mike Bowman"

Grove of the States Arborist Work Day

group photo of On November 11, 2016, a team of two dozen highly skilled volunteer arborists from four local companies sponsored a work day in Oregon’s Grove of the States to prepare the site for the next phase of its restoration.

Located at the southbound I-5 French Prairie Rest Area (at Milepost 281 near Wilsonville), the Grove is believed to be the oldest public arboretum of state trees in the US and was originally a collection of trees from 53 US states and territories. When the Grove was planted in 1967, planners did not provide enough space for the new trees to grow into their mature height. Over the years, some of the larger species and encroaching Douglas fir trees out-competed their neighbors for sunlight and many of the trees became diseased, unhealthy, or died.

Preparing for the Grove’s 50th anniversary in August 2017, the Oregon Travel Information Council (DBA Oregon Travel Experience) and its partners at the Oregon Department of Forestry, Friends of Trees, and other tree lovers have joined efforts to save the Grove for future generations. Read More "Grove of the States Arborist Work Day"

ATC 2017 and 2018 Announcements

2017 Conference Theme To Be Determined!

The conference planning committee for the 38th Annual Training Conference is off and running. The group has met several times already to iron out volunteer roles and brainstorm about the conference theme and potential speakers.

The conference will be held at the Lynnwood Convention Center in Lynnwood, WA. Attendees can expect a Tree Academy (or Academies), Field Day, and indoor sessions for every discipline.

Mark your calendars for September 24-27, 2017. We expect to hold the Chapter Tree Climbing Championship during the conference as well.

And Looking Ahead to 2018 ...

The PNW-ISA is excited to announce that the 2018 Annual Training Conference will be held in Vancouver, BC in conjunction with the Canadian Urban Forest Conference (CUFC) and Urban Tree Diversity 3 (UTD3).

CUFC brings together leading experts from across the country, allowing for dialogue between professionals, community groups, and practitioners on innovative strategies, policies, technologies, research, and best management practices related to arboriculture and urban forestry.

UTD3 is an international conference that addresses research on urban tree diversity and its crucial implications for urban foresters and society in achieving resilient, vibrant, and productive urban forests.

The PNW-ISA will be working with CUFC and UTD3 to offer a unique conference, bringing together international, national, and regional speakers related to arboriculture and urban forestry.

Any questions related to ATC 2018 can be sent to Nadia Chan.

PNW-ISA’s Arborist Directory

As the Member Services Director on the PNW-ISA Board, I have a goal that I hope you will agree makes sense for your business. My goal is: To have all PNW-ISA members who are For Hire, and are ISA Certified Arborists be listed within the PNW-ISA online Arborist Directory before July 1, 2016.

I need your help to reach my goal. Please read further to find out how you can enter your listing. To do so is FREE!

Read More "PNW-ISA’s Arborist Directory"

2015 Gypsy Moth Trappings May Lead to 2016 Treatments

Each year, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) sets traps around the state to detect gypsy moths, a non-native, highly invasive pest that has destroyed millions of acres of trees and forests in 20 Eastern states with infestations. For 40 years, WSDA has successfully prevented the moth from becoming established here in Washington.

There are two types of gypsy moths that WSDA seeks to detect: the European (sometimes called the North American) gypsy moth and the Asian gypsy moth. While both moths are highly destructive, the Asian gypsy moth is of even greater concern because of two factors:

  • Asian gypsy moth females can fly, enabling them to spread more rapidly than the European gypsy moth.
  • Asian gypsy moths readily feed on both deciduous and conifer trees, putting more trees at risk than the European gypsy moth, which primarily feeds only on deciduous trees.

Read More "2015 Gypsy Moth Trappings May Lead to 2016 Treatments"

Tree Planting for Terrill Collier

Submitted by Kayla Alderson, Division Administrative Assistant, Bartlett Tree Expert Company, Clackamas, OR.

Terrill Collier, a well-respected member of the arboriculture community passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on May 11, 2015. Terrill graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Entomology. After graduation he returned to Portland to work in the family business. Collier Arbor Care, which he grew into one of the most respected tree care businesses in Oregon and the United States. A few of Terrill’s industry awards included: TCIA’s most prestigious Award of Merit, ISA’s True Professional of Arboriculture and ISA’s Honorary Life Membership Award. Ultimately, Terrill was an industry leader who devoted himself to the advancement of tree research and the profession of arboriculture. His devotion to arboriculture will live in our hearts for generations. Read More "Tree Planting for Terrill Collier"