ANSI A300 Standard

Twice each year a group of arborists meet to discuss the practice of arboriculture. These are your peers and represent large utility companies, small businesses, and public entities. These hardworking volunteers are collectively known as the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A300.

The committee develops consensus based on current research and practices that cover ten aspects of tree care. Each standard is meant to aid in establishing standards and written specifications for performing tree care assignments. Read More "ANSI A300 Standard"

Treasure Valley Tree Selection Guide: A Process of Transformation

The Cities of Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian and Nampa, Idaho are proud of their trees! It was with this sentiment of value and appreciation for our trees that the TV Tree Selection Guide was created. Based largely on the original version from the Boise Parks & Recreation Department’s Tree Selection Guide developed by the Urban Forestry Unit in 1995, the new guide was fashioned.

It was time…time to broaden tree species selections to include new cultivars. And, remove old ones that were not performing well. This was a labor of satisfaction for everyone involved. Read More "Treasure Valley Tree Selection Guide: A Process of Transformation"

Photos from October Tree Risk Assessment Workshop

The PNW class “Common Fungi Affecting PNW Trees and Implications for Tree Risk Assessment” was a classroom/outdoor course in tree diseases, and particularly anyone conducting risk assessment of trees with disease.  Led by Dr Julian Dunster and Professor Bob Edmonds.

The diseases covered included Phaeolus schweinitzii, Heterobasidion occidentale, Armillaria ostoyae, Porodaedalea pini, Kretzschmeria deusta, Phellinus sulphurascens, Neofusicoccum arbuti and others.

Morning lectures covered visual assessment techniques for disease, using a combination of signs and symptoms of common diseases in native PNW trees. Sonic tomography and resistance drilling will be discussed as examples of advanced risk assessment techniques.

The afternoon was spent outdoors examining diseases of Douglas-fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, bigleaf maple, and Pacific madrone. The types of wood decay, fungus fruiting bodies, as well as structural and risk implications will be covered.

The PNW is grateful to have Roger Barnett attend, to learn and capture moments on digital film for all to take a peek into this course.  Please see some of these moments on this flicker account below:

2018 PNW-ISA Chapter Tree Climbing Competition Results

We porta-wrapped up the PNW TCC 2018 with huge success! PNW-ISA hosted the event in beautiful Vancouver BC at Stanley Park. To see familiar faces, shake new hands, and share stories with each other is such a gift. Our Chapter continues to progress and expand into a new and bright canopy of good tree people. Without all the support from our membership, these educational events and skills competitions would senesce. Enjoying the aerial feats of strength and agility is mesmerizing, and it is an amazing opportunity to show the public how we use rope access to manage their trees, and have fun at work.

Read More "2018 PNW-ISA Chapter Tree Climbing Competition Results"

10th Edition Leads to New PNW-ISA Committee

Last summer, the Guide for Plant Appraisal 10th Edition finally reached our industry. Long promised and fiercely debated, it addresses several changes in our systematic approach to placing a value to a tree. The new guide weighs looks, feels, and reads similar to the tree risk assessment manual. And this was intentional. As stated in the preface of the manual itself:

Read More "10th Edition Leads to New PNW-ISA Committee"

Spring 2018 TREE Fund Grant Awards

TREE Fund has awarded over $260,000 for tree research and education in our Spring 2018 grant-making season. Please congratulate the recipients and thank the donors who make their work possible. Read More "Spring 2018 TREE Fund Grant Awards"

2018 International Tree Climbing Championship

This year’s record-breaking ITCC took place in Columbus, Ohio. There were 75 competitors from 21 different countries and 26 female competitors, both more than any previous event.

Congratulations to Kali Alcorn and Dan Kraus who represented the PNW-ISA at the 2018 ITCC. Kali placed 19th out of 26 women. Dan placed 13th out of 49 men.

Portland Joins Nationwide Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis

In June of 2018, City of Portland Urban Forestry (a division of Portland Parks & Recreation, PP&R) launched the Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis (Urban FIA) program, in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNWRS) of the US Forest Service (USFS), Department of Agriculture. The Urban FIA is an extension of the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) which has provided a forest census for the US since 1930. Based in methodology from the FIA, the Urban FIA aims to capture urban canopy data across all land use types-public and private, in cities across the US, using standardized protocol and data collection procedures. Read More "Portland Joins Nationwide Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis"

Inaugural Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop Great Success

WTCW 2018 Instructors and TAs

PNW-ISA hosted an inaugural Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop on June 1-3, 2018 in Stanwood, WA. The event was a raging success! Not only did it sell out very quickly but the feedback received during and after the workshop was enthusiastic, to say the least.

International Tree Climbing Championship competitors Bear LeVangie and Melissa LeVangie flew in from the east coast to teach the workshop. Teaching assistants from both coasts came out to support this event. All instructors and teaching assistants were engaging, enthusiastic, genuine and knowledgeable. What a team! We can’t wait to have them back! Read More "Inaugural Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop Great Success"

Seattle Consulting Arborist Receives ISA Honorary Life Membership

Scott BakerScott Baker focuses on science, technology, adventure parks and treehouses

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.  – Scott Baker of Seattle, Washington, is the recipient of the 2018 International Society of Arboriculture’s (ISA) Honorary Life Member award. This Award of Distinction recognizes ISA members who have contributed substantially to the progress of arboriculture and have given unselfishly in their efforts to support the industry. Read More "Seattle Consulting Arborist Receives ISA Honorary Life Membership"