Congratulations to the ITCC Competitors and Masters’ Challenge Champions

The 2017 International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) took place July 28-30 at the United States National Arboretum in Washington, DC. Congratulations to both James Kilpatrick and Chrissy Spence of the New Zealand Chapter for winning the Men’s and Women’s Masters’ Challenge Championship for the second year in a row! PNW’s own Robert Bundy represented us well, placing 20th out of a field of 45.

See all of the 2017 ITCC results at

Your 2017-18 ISA Board of Directors

During the 2017 ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show, 2016-17 ISA Board President Michelle Mitchell passed the gavel to Paul Ries, who will serve as your president for 2017-18. The Board also honored outgoing Board member John Gathright and welcomed two new members, Russ Carlson and Cecil Konijnendijk.

Take a moment to become acquainted with your 2017-18 ISA Board of Directors here:

Honoring the 2017 ISA Awards of Distinction Recipients

The Awards of Distinction, sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts, are the highest honors bestowed by ISA in nine award categories that recognize ISA members for arboricultural education and research, contributions to practical arboriculture, publications, promotion of the profession, and advancement of ISA’s mission. This year’s nine award recipients were recognized at the Arboriculture Celebration that opened the 2017 ISA Conference in Washington, DC: Read More "Honoring the 2017 ISA Awards of Distinction Recipients"

Here’s to the 2017 ISA True Professionals of Arboriculture!

The 2017 ISA True Professionals of Arboriculture were honored during the President’s Welcome at the ISA conference on July 31. This program recognizes ISA members and credential holders who demonstrate sustained dedication and skill in reaching out to their communities, clients, colleagues, and employees to provide training and education about tree care and the benefits of trees.

Three of the 2017 honorees are from the PNW Chapter! Congratulations to: Read More "Here’s to the 2017 ISA True Professionals of Arboriculture!"

Thanks to the Sponsors of the 2017 Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition!

Thanks to the following companies for their sponsorship of the 2017 Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition, held at Laurelhurst Park in June:

Rich’s Tree Service

Rich Gillum: $1,000.00

Teragan & Associates

Terry Flanagan: $1,000.00

Bartlett Tree Experts

Lyle Feilmeier: $751.00 Read More "Thanks to the Sponsors of the 2017 Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition!"

2018 ArborMaster Climbing Kit Prize Package

The Pacific Northwest Chapter is pleased to announce the 2018 ArborMaster Climbing Kit Prize Package for the winners of the Chapter's annual Tree Climbing Championship (TCC), which will be held September 23-24 at Woodland Park in Seattle, WA.

This climbing kit will be presented to both the men’s and women’s champion and is intended to help equip them for competing as PNW’s representatives at the 2018 International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC).

Each prize package includes:
• Husqvarna Composite Multi-Purpose Axe and Arborist Technical Helmet by Petzl
• Buckingham Master 5.0 Arborist Tree Climbing Saddle
• Silky Tsurugi Curve Hand Saw
• ArborMaster® 150’ Hawkeye Climbing Line by Samson
• OREGON® Tool Bag
• Vermeer Logo’d Camo Tumbler
• 50% savings for an ArborMaster® 2-Day or 3-Day Hands-On Training Module Read More "2018 ArborMaster Climbing Kit Prize Package"

ANSI Pruning Standard Updated

The first ANSI Standard for tree care was developed in 1991. Since then our industry has developed eleven different standards in regard to tree care. In July, updates to both the Pruning (A300 Part 1) and the Tree Risk Assessment (A300 Part 9) standards were released.

There are several very significant changes to the Pruning standard. Removed from the standard was clause 6.1.4 “Not more than 25 percent of the foliage should be removed within an annual growing season…” Yes, you heard that right. No more will we be following the ambiguous 25% rule. But wait, there’s more. The Methods, or Types, of pruning have been eliminated. Crown raising, thinning, cleaning, reducing, etc. are no longer defined terms within the standard. These have been removed in favor of a “Systems” approach to pruning, or as the new revision states: “A pruning system should be specified to achieve the desired long-term form of the plant.” Read More "ANSI Pruning Standard Updated"

Tour des Trees – 25-year Silver Anniversary

It all began in 1992, in the Pacific Northwest Chapter, when 13 hardy souls decided they could raise money for trees by riding their bicycles from Seattle to San Francisco in eleven days. The inaugural ride was 1,050 miles. The riders averaged over 100 miles a day with the longest day being 144 miles. The first Tour des Trees exceeded their goal of $60K by raising nearly $100K. Twenty-five years later the Tour is still going strong. This year’s riders traveled a mere 578 miles in seven days and raised over $300K for tree research and education. In 25 years the Tour des Trees has raised more than $3 million dollars and riders have pedaled nearly 15 thousand miles, all in the name of tree research and education. Not too bad for a bunch of tree hugging cyclists! Read More "Tour des Trees – 25-year Silver Anniversary"

Mountain Ash Sawfly Larvae Eat Their Way Into Year Three

This is the third, and likely the final, article on Pristophora geniculata, Order Hymenoptera, identified consuming up to 90% of the foliage of certain Mountain Ash trees in Metro Vancouver, BC in 2015, with subsequent defoliation in summers of 2016, 2017. This chewing insect pest was previously reported in Ontario after 1938, of European origin, and never reported west of Michigan. This pest has a complete life cycle and, once established, does not have to move far from the host plant, exclusively in the genus Sorbus. There are 100 to 200 species within this genus worldwide. Of particular interest to arborists are ornamental Mountain Ash trees in gardens and public landscapes. Read More "Mountain Ash Sawfly Larvae Eat Their Way Into Year Three"

State Asks You to Check Trees for Invasive Pests in August

OLYMPIA – The Washington Invasive Species Council and a consortium of agencies and universities are asking residents to check trees and swimming pools in their yards for harmful bugs as part of the national Tree Check Month in August.

August is the peak time of year to find invasive bugs like citrus longhorned beetles, emerald ash borers and other aggressive wood-boring insects. Trees near your home and in your neighborhood, the “urban forest,” are as susceptible as trees in rural and wild forests, sometimes even more so due to the stresses of urban life. Read More "State Asks You to Check Trees for Invasive Pests in August"