PNW-ISA asks governments to consider public safety tree care “essential”

Cristina Bowerman Cristina Bowerman
Executive Director
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The letter below was emailed and mailed to government officials in PNW-ISA's region.

(Tigard, OR, Monday, March 23, 2020) The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (PNW-ISA) is a nonprofit organization representing over 2,000 arborists and tree care companies in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced numerous federal, state, and local health or business closures affecting our members. While the jurisdictions, business activities affected, and length of time for the closure may differ, most will exempt essential businesses or essential business activities that directly relate to public safety. Read More "PNW-ISA asks governments to consider public safety tree care “essential”"

PNW-ISA Postpones Spring Education Workshops

Cristina Bowerman Cristina Bowerman
Executive Director
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(Tigard, OR, Monday, March 16, 2020) PNW-ISA is postponing its March and April education programs to limit in-person contact. We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure our members remain healthy and safe. We have been in communication with instructors and facilities to determine rescheduling dates and will announce these dates as soon as they are finalized. When rescheduling, registrants will be notified and automatically moved into the new dates selected. If you are unable to attend the new date, you will be able to cancel your registration at that time and receive a refund.

To reduce exposure to COVID-19, PNW-ISA will be hosting conference calls/virtual meetings for its board and committees. We are doing everything possible to reduce exposure and adhering to recommendations for social distancing and isolation.

PNW-ISA will continue to monitor May activities such as our educational workshops and tree climbing competitions as we don’t want to put anyone at risk. We will continue to make informed decisions over the next few weeks and update members and registrants immediately.

We hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe as we navigate this time together.

Nominations Process Begins for Chapter Awards 

Each year, PNW-ISA recognizes the skill and dedication of our members through the Chapter Awards program and the Chapter Tree Climbing Championship. This year’s award winners will be recognized during the Annual Training Conference in Coeur d’Alene, ID, October 4-7, 2020.   Read More "Nominations Process Begins for Chapter Awards "

PNW Seeks Volunteers for Board & New Committee

PNW-ISA is currently seeking qualified volunteers for the positions below. To express interest, please click on the links below.

Editor, Pacific Northwest Trees Newsletter

This position serves under the Board of Directors, Advisory Committee. The Editor is responsible for all aspects of preparing the quarterly (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) Chapter newsletter which includes collecting content, editing submissions, preparing the layout, proofreading, etc. This position is supported by the Editorial Committee and is appointed by the Board of Directors with a three-year term. If interested in this position, please complete the board member interest form. Read More "PNW Seeks Volunteers for Board & New Committee"

Regional Plant Appraisal Guidebook 3rd Edition Scheduled for ATC 20 Publication

Zeb Haney Zeb Haney
Tree Resource
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The last convening of the Regional Plant Appraisal Committee (RPAC) back in 2007 resulted in the publication of the Species Rating guidebook. If you haven’t purchased a copy of this tiny gem I believe there are still literally boxes of them available for sale through the chapter office. (Seriously. It’s time to reconvene.) Read More "Regional Plant Appraisal Guidebook 3rd Edition Scheduled for ATC 20 Publication"

How Do We Galvanize Local Climate Action?

Cheryl Ng, Cindy Zhaohua Cheng, and Dr. Stephen Sheppard
Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning, University of British Columbia 

Uncertainty, denial, pessimism. These are the words commonly associated with climate change today, especially as news headlines reveal devastating stories about wildfires, heat stress, and other climate-related disasters across the world.

How can we turn the conversation around, to include messages of hope for the future instead? How can we bring climate change and its solutions down to the local level where people care the most? How can we encourage friends & neighbors to take collective action against one of humanity’s most pressing problems? Read More "How Do We Galvanize Local Climate Action?"

How Do Urban Tree Managers in the Pacific Northwest Decide What Trees to Select?

Dr. Paul Ries, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR & Joshua Petter, Tree Solutions Inc, Seattle, WA

Tree selection decisions at the municipal level are made by many different natural resource professionals, including arborists, urban foresters, planners, and landscape architects. A recent study by Oregon State University aimed to explore how managers make tradeoffs and prioritize different tree selection criteria to better understand how trees are selected for public lands. We surveyed primary contacts for Tree City USA designated cities across Oregon and Washington. Of these municipalities, 79 out of 151 responded (52.3% response rate), with six municipalities providing responses from more than one department for a total of 85 responses.   Read More "How Do Urban Tree Managers in the Pacific Northwest Decide What Trees to Select?"

Fundraising, Webinars, and Scholarships

Evan Sussman Evan Sussman
Board TREE Fund Liaison & Sonshine Tree Care, LLC
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Greetings fellow arborists, I wanted to take a moment and update everyone on a few TREE Fund things.


The 2019 PNW ISA’s Annual Training Conference’s Fundraising for the Tree Fund was an absolute success. Between the Silent Auction, Heads or Tails game, and 50-50 Raffle we netted $10,895.73 to donate to the TREE Fund. That’s excellent! A massive thank you goes out to all the donors for the auction and games, as well as to all those of you who participated. Read More "Fundraising, Webinars, and Scholarships"

What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

Cristina Bowerman Cristina Bowerman
Executive Director
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If you are an arborist that is operating a tree services company in Oregon, are you aware of how many licenses you must maintain to plant and remove trees? No, this isn’t a riddle, it’s a serious question that could prevent your company from receiving hefty fines and possible civil penalties.
Read More "What You Don’t Know Could Cost You"

ISA Compliance Program Series Volume 1: ISA Code of Ethics

by Rosa Gutierrez, Compliance Services Manager at ISA

ISA is responsible for maintaining and supporting the integrity of our credentials, and we accomplish this goal in many ways. One resource we utilize is our internal compliance program which has four main areas of focus: facilitating compliance with ANSI/ISO standards, management of the ISA Code of Ethics charges and subsequent cases, management of any “appeals” of those outcomes and the protection of the logos used to identify individuals holding credentials. Read More "ISA Compliance Program Series Volume 1: ISA Code of Ethics"