Spotlight on Kris Josey

kris-joseyKris Josey is the current PNW-ISA Treasurer and manages ArborCare Resources, Inc. in Hailey, ID.

I can’t remember when I actually joined ISA, but have been a Life Member since the early 2000s, and a member of the PNW Chapter at least since then.

I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BS in Accounting in May 1989. Upon graduation, I worked as a staff accountant with Coopers & Lybrand’s Denver, Colorado office until November 1992.

I obtained my CPA license in 1992 and later that year, moved to Idaho and worked in a local accounting office until 1996. I then left public practice to be a stay-at-home mom with my two young sons.

In early 1997, I combined my business/accounting knowledge with my husband Bill’s tree care knowledge to start our family business, ArborCare Resources, Inc., where I continue to be actively involved.

In 2003 I was appointed to the ISA’s Finance Committee and in 2014 joined ISA’s Conference and Events Committee.

In my free time I am a regular at the local CrossFit gym or outside enjoying the Sun Valley area skiing/snowboarding, hiking, or mountain biking.

My goal as the Treasurer for the PNW Chapter is to provide a business perspective to the Board as it explores new initiatives and continues to grow membership services for all members.

Spotlight on Our Volunteers

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. - Author Unkown

This space is usually reserved for highlighting the contributions of a particular individual who has given a lot of volunteer time to the Chapter, in one or many ways, over a short or long period of time. Read More "Spotlight on Our Volunteers"

Mountain Ash Sawfly Persists in the Pacific Northwest

Bill Granger
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This article is offered as a follow-up to last year’s article on Mountain Ash Sawfly, a new pest in the Pacific Northwest that had previously only been a problem to ornamental Mountain Ash specimens east of Michigan.

The emerging population is persisting and appears to have increased range in 2016. The larval stage of this defoliator consume all the leaves of the lower branches (about halfway up from the base) by an army of small yellow caterpillars, moving in groups on each compound leaf, leaving only the leaf stem and ribs intact. There is no apparent impact on fruit set or quantity. Read More "Mountain Ash Sawfly Persists in the Pacific Northwest"

Volunteer Spotlight: Katy Bigelow

Katy Bigelow Katy Bigelow
Katy Bigelow, Arborist LLC
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Hi! I’m Katy and right off the bat I’ll say we need volunteers, all the time, every time for ISA Tree Climbing Competitions!

I didn’t come to tree climbing, let alone competing, like most of you: Many years ago I took a course from Tim Kover and after years of climbing straight up and down in my own backyard on a Blake’s hitch, someone said, “Why don’t you compete?” Well ... I laughed and laughed but in the end talked a friend into practicing things we didn’t know and showed up to our PNW comp in Olympia several years ago.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Donahue

Arbor 1 Tree Service LLC
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Field Day Coordinator, ATC 2015

I was born and raised In Philadelphia, PA and have resided in Central Oregon since 2003. I first discovered Oregon on a summer road trip in 1998 and vowed to return.

After obtaining a degree in Urban Tree Management in the spring of 2002 from Paul Smiths College in upstate New York, I was able to do just that.

I have been an active member of the ISA since 2000 (starting as student member) and an active member of the PNW Chapter and ISA Certified Arborist since 2005. I continue to spread the need, value, and stewardship that represent the ISA to tree owners as well as our younger generation of arborists.

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Spotlight on Ciara McCarthy

CiaraMcCarthy CiaraMcCarthy
ArborSurveys & Associates, LLC
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Ciara McCarthy, ArborSurveys Consulting, Bend, OR ~ REC for Central Oregon & Volunteer Coordinator, ATC 2015
Ciara McCarthy, ArborSurveys Consulting, Bend, OR ~ REC for Central Oregon & Volunteer Coordinator, ATC 2015

I am a native of County Cork, Ireland who is now based in Bend, Oregon.

I have been a member of the ISA since 2008, when I joined the UK/Ireland Chapter to gain access to information on best practice, international research, and events. Following five years in Melbourne, Australia, I moved here to Central Oregon and was warmly welcomed into the PNW Chapter.

Currently I am one of the Regional Education Coordinators for Central Oregon, organizing courses to further the professional development of arborists and affiliates. Recently I was the Volunteer Coordinator at the 36th Annual Training Conference. I was introduced to this role by PNW-ISA Board member and ODF Community Forester, Katie Lompa. “Come to a meeting,” she said … and the rest is history! Read More "Spotlight on Ciara McCarthy"

Remembering Terrill Collier

Lyle Feilmeier
Bartlett Tree Experts
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In my past articles, I wrote about the benefits/opportunities that being involved with the ISA and the certifications can bring. This time, I am writing to tell a story about me regarding my friend and mentor who most if not all in the PNW Chapter and beyond are familiar with. This is more of a thank you and how lucky I was to have worked with and beside him for almost 18 years.

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Mountain Ash Sawfly Makes a Surprise Entry to the Pacific Northwest

Bill Granger
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After a hard day of pruning, mulching, and watering at my place on Bowen Island, BC in mid-June, I finally sat down to admire the airy look of the plantings along the front walkway. With the bright sun going down in the background, one tree looked a little too airy, so I went out to take a closer look. This was a volunteer Sorbus aucuparia that had sprung up in the informal border several years ago. Remembering the Wiccan mythology that Rowan trees are supposed to keep witches away, I left the tree, which will eventually guard the front door to my house, thinking to crown raise and shape it in later years. Read More "Mountain Ash Sawfly Makes a Surprise Entry to the Pacific Northwest"