Beloved Bigleaf Maple Failure in City Park

On the morning of June 27, 2018, a woman got off a bus and walked over to sit on a nearby bench under a huge tree. She did not often sit on this bench because homeless people were usually encamped around it.  But for whatever reason they were not there today, and she decided to sit for a while as she waited for her next bus. The morning was so beautiful that she decided to remove her headphones and fully take in the morning.

Just then she heard a cracking sound and looked up to see a foot and a half diameter tree stem falling at her from the canopy above. She dove out of the way and the stem came crashing down on the bench she was sitting at. Toady was a lucky day, had several little things been different she or some homeless people could have easily been killed. Read More "Beloved Bigleaf Maple Failure in City Park"

Large Douglas Fir Failure in Lowland Puget Sound

Our subject tree; an old growth Pseudotsuga menziesii, Douglas fir.

The following is the first of many articles which I will be writing for this newsletter. These will be stories of tree failures and will include the possible contributing factors involved in these failures. My articles will include data from the Pacific North-West Tree Failure Database (PNWTFD). This article and the information from the PNWTFD is for informational use only. All trees and their locations are individual. A tree risk assessment which meets industry standards should be performed to assess risk related to any tree. Do not ruin the PWNTFD or my good graces in writing this by suing me. Now, let us continue…

This tree failure occurred February 18th, 2018 in the Lowland Puget Sound area of Washington State. During the days leading up to this event, an inch of rain had fallen in the area. In the early morning of the 18th, southwesterly wind gusts were recorded near the tree at 57 mph. Read More "Large Douglas Fir Failure in Lowland Puget Sound"