Program Areas

The work of PNW-ISA is divided into five program areas.

Member Services

PNW-ISA assists members with training and career development. To make our Annual Training Conference accessible to all of our members, we rotate through locations around the region. To celebrate talent and dedication in the field, we hold Chapter awards. Our website also features an ISA Certified Arborist promotional directory to connect potential clients with qualified professionals.


The ISA Certification Program is a voluntary effort among professionals in the tree care industry to establish a standard of quality in arboricultural work, promote and encourage continuing education, and provide the public with a mechanism for identifying qualified arborists.

PNW-ISA administers ISA Certification exams and offers ISA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through qualifying coursework.

Continuing Education

We are dedicated to providing continuing education and professional development for our members. To better serve our diverse geographic area and varying levels of expertise within the industry, the PNW Education Plan provides a basis for programs for basic, advanced, and expert tree care topics.

Our Continuing Education Program is headed by a full-time staff member with access to an evolving group of engaged advisors who provide education and outreach guidance. We are continually looking for opportunities to expand access to ISA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and a broader range of educational classes.


PNW-ISA recognizes the broad reach of the entire green industry. We promote the advancement of arboriculture and urban forestry throughout the Pacific Northwest. We assist and support the Tree Research and Education Endowment (TREE) Fund. We also conduct outreach to help the general public understand the importance of trees and quality tree care. We advocate against destructive practices and foster, a wider appreciation for healthy trees.


Board of Directors positions and responsibilities

Governance Documents, including Annual Meeting Minutes and Report

PNW-ISA Bylaws Amended October 2019