What’s New with the TREE Fund?

Evan Sussman Evan Sussman
Board TREE Fund Liaison & Sonshine Tree Care, LLC
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With much of our work being restricted heavily due to COVID 19, we have had an unusual amount of time to refocus and allocate our efforts. I have been studying tree care standards and research to help develop new marketing material for areas of practice that I haven’t focused on in the past. For me, as I delve into this marketing project I keep coming across research that was supported by the TREE Fund. This is a great reminder to me of how integral the TREE Fund is in furthering the professional practice of arboriculture. Much of the published work funded by TREE Fund is available in the ISA’s Journal of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry.

Here are a few updates for you:

  • Database of Arboricultural Safety Standards: This is something I’m personally really excited about. Jamie Lim, Dr. Brian Kane, and Dr. David Bloniarz worked together to compile a database of arboricultural safety standards used by ISA components around the world. This was just published last month and can be viewed here. What excites me most is having a database that allows us to reference other safety standards to incorporate different perspectives into our work practices and discussions of safety and work practice development in our workplaces, and in our standard review committees.
  • Tour des Trees 2020 is currently on track: Our region currently has three riders, Phil Graham, Karen Jenkins, and Christy Grimm. All three riders have ridden in the past and each has a great story as to how they got involved with the Tour. “The Tour has become an annual family reunion of sorts, reconnecting with my extended tree family. It is amazing to see so many cyclists coming together and supporting their other passion: trees and the research that supports their care." – Phil Graham, past PNW ISA President. Please consider joining Phil, Karen, and Christy on this ride or contribute to their fundraising goals. Approximately 65 of the 85 rider slots are filled, so get your position while you can! Stop by the Tour des Trees 2020 fundraising page to donate now, and visit treefund.org/tourdestrees for more details on Tour des Trees and how to get involved.
  • TREE Fund has increased webinar quantity in response to COVID 19: Indirect response to our newly available time,TREE Fund responded by adding additional webinars to give arborists opportunities to continue their education from home at no cost. I highly suggest tuning in for some of them if you can make it. You can read more about and register for webinars here. In case you can’t make a live webinar, you can view archived webinars at treefund.org/webinar-archive.
As always, thank you for your interest and support of the TREE Fund. Please feel free to reach out to me at treefund@pnwisa.org if you have questions about the TREE Fund, including what research and education is currently happening, how to apply for research grants or education scholarships, or really anything TREE Fund related.