Greetings from the Canadian TREE Fund 

There is no doubt that we are all facing the most challenging times that we have ever experienced. Along with the likes of the Great Depression (4 years), WW1 (4 years), the Spanish Flu – 1918 (2 years), WW2 (6 years) our current crisis threatens our well being on many levels. We are just four months into this and there’s strong evidence that our daily sacrifices are saving lives as we forge onward into this new "normal".

The Canadian TREE Fund Board of Directors hope that everyone is keeping up with their physical and mental health. Both the isolation and the dark unknowns can take a toll on us and our family, as well as in our workplaces. We are getting bombarded daily with new information and theories about the virus; however, we must comply and act upon the medical advice that we know to be factual from the accredited medical experts. Knowing the ebb and flow of the tree research world, we cannot fathom the amount of collective brain power working on vaccines and related therapeutics that are all generated from intensive research and trials ongoing in every corner of the world. Perhaps some of the prophylactics may even be derived from the plant world.

Fund raising for the CTF will be challenging this year to say the least. Each year we count on you to rally behind our mission of providing funding for innovative basic / applied research and related educational initiatives. It is the constant search for new techniques, best practices and unlocking knowledge that keeps our industry moving forward. Plans are still moving ahead for the Tour des Trees in Colorado in late August. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR RIDERS BY MAKING A DONATION TO THEIR ACCOUNT.

So here we are, spring 2020, facing unprecedented adversity at home, and at work and also with our various passions and commitments. Our “normal” world has been turned upside down and inside out. This is when we have to learn to harvest the value in adversity. There will be value in this colossal episode that perhaps may not reveal itself to us now or even next week, but we will push back on this adversity and strategically work towards our goals all the while keeping our selves a pole pruner away from potential COVIDS contacts. The value in adversity is that is presents an opportunity to sort the good from the bad and recalibrate our professional and personal values to a system that works best for our own personal and professional circumstances.

We at the Canadian TREE Fund know it will be a challenging year for us as well. We too will be looking inward and recalibrating our goals.

Lastly we would like to recognize both the brave Health Care workers as well as the dedicated frontline works that have made the world go round in the past few months. This crisis has propagated a new type of hero and they walk amongst us every day.

I hope our next missive won't be as somber. Be diligent and keep healthy.

Warmest wishes to all – Board of Trustees