Editor’s Note

Benjamin Thompson Benjamin Thompson
Urban Forestry Program Manager, Washington State Department of Natural Resources
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This marks my second edition serving as Editor for this newsletter. I have to say that I really enjoy it. I appreciate the camaraderie among the membership and I continue to learn from the expertise and perspectives brought forth by our guest authors (let’s be frank, before becoming editor I can’t say that I actually read every article). As fulfilling as this role is, the Chapter and I also need more help.

Executive Director Cristina Bowerman and I would like to form an editorial committee to recruit and correspond with guest authors, edit and fact-check submitted articles, coordinate with advertisers, and potentially assist with the final layout before publication.

PNW Trees is published four times per year and the work can be done remotely from the comfort of your own home. The volunteer hours needed per edition will vary depending on the number and length of articles submitted, as well as the number of committee members we have to share the work. The whole point of asking for more help is to keep the workload relatively small for any one person.

Experience in writing, editing, journalism, marketing, or digital skill in graphic design, document layout, or website programming is helpful but not necessary. This is a great opportunity to learn more about arboriculture in the Pacific Northwest and network with other chapter members. It would be a huge help if even two or three people stepped forward to join the committee.

The success of our Chapter is fueled by the efforts of volunteers, and the success of this newsletter is no different. Our Chapter members continue to show up and give back so I know that some of you will join us! On that note…

I think this particular edition of the newsletter has a lot to offer, not just for its content but for the way each of our guest authors embodies the hopeful spirit of our Chapter. In such a curious time when most of us aren’t heading into the office or up into trees every morning, it can be easy to worry about all the things we can’t do.

Instead, this edition of PNW Trees doubles down on the things we can focus on right now, such as maintenance, safety protocols, continuing education, research, and advocacy. The interests we have in ethics, safety, standards, and planning distinguish us as professionals, and as an organization. Our professionalism has always helped us rise to new challenges, and that is especially important now given the uncertainty of our future.

In closing, thank you all for being awesome in a time that isn’t. Take care of yourselves and your families.