Trees, Between Heaven and Earth

Julian Dunster Julian Dunster
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book coverFor those who love trees and the endless landscapes in which they survive, or for those who just like to look at amazing photographs of trees and reflect on the meaning of life, this is a book for you.

Any book of Art Wolfe images is destined to be a treat, but to have one dedicated to trees takes the treat so much further.

This is a large (11” x 14”) hardcover book with a collection of outstanding images that inspires, amazes, and stuns the observer with so many fabulous scenes. Many of the images are accompanied by text written by Gregory McNamee, and this nicely complements the visual feast with a blend of technical and philosophical narrative. The introduction by Wade Davis suggests we might see trees as “… living entities, points of inspiration, and metaphors to propel our lives forward.” The book accomplishes that and much more. This is far and away the best book of tree photographs I have even seen, and well worth having.

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Art Wolfe. 2018. Trees: Between Heaven and Earth. San Rafael, CA. Earth Aware Editions. Pp: 296.

Hardcover. ISBN-13: 978-1683830825