ISA Compliance Program Series Volume 1: ISA Code of Ethics

by Rosa Gutierrez, Compliance Services Manager at ISA

ISA is responsible for maintaining and supporting the integrity of our credentials, and we accomplish this goal in many ways. One resource we utilize is our internal compliance program which has four main areas of focus: facilitating compliance with ANSI/ISO standards, management of the ISA Code of Ethics charges and subsequent cases, management of any “appeals” of those outcomes and the protection of the logos used to identify individuals holding credentials.

This is all made possible with the support of dedicated volunteers serving as subject matter experts, our internal team members and legal counsel. Over the next several issues of ISA Today, we will share some highlights from each of these areas.

The ISA Code of Ethics applies to credential holders, and individuals in the process of becoming credential holders. Commitment to the ISA Code of Ethics is required to obtain and maintain any of the ISA credentials.

Both the ISA Code of Ethics and the BCMA Code of Ethics describe appropriate and enforceable professional conduct standards.

The ISA Ethics Review Committee is a group of subject matter experts that reviews and processes ethics charge statements in support of the integrity of the credentials ISA offers, professionals that hold our credentials, the consumer and the canopy.

The following graph illustrates ethics cases that were fully processed in 2019:

Among the cases in which violations were found, the following ISA Code of Ethics Provisions were violated:

I.A-7: Refrain from behavior or conduct that is clearly in violation of professional, ethical or legal standards related to occupational services and/or activities.

II.A-4: Maintain and respect the confidentiality of sensitive information obtained in the course of professional activities.

II.B-1: Disclose to clients or employers significant circumstances that could be construed as a potential or real conflict of interest or an appearance of impropriety.

II.B-2: Avoid conduct that could cause a conflict of interest with a client, employer, employee or the public.

II.B-4: Refrain from offering or accepting significant payments, gifts or other forms of compensation or benefits in order to secure work or that are intended to influence professional judgment.

Read more about the ISA Code of Ethics here.

To report an Ethics Violation click here.

For further inquiries about the ISA Ethics Program, please contact:

Rosa Gutierrez
Compliance Services Manager