PNW-ISA Education Update

Margo Thorp Margo Thorp
PNW-ISA Education Program Coordinator
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The PNW-ISA education program is now scheduling workshop offerings for the 2019-2020 year. Additional winter and spring workshops will be published in the coming months. Keep an eye on to stay in the loop on new and exciting opportunities.

Three Tree Academies at ATC Eugene

Biochar for Arborists - October 6, Eugene, OR

Oregon Forest Pest Detector Training - October 6, Eugene, OR

Increasing Your Impact and Influence - October 6, Eugene, OR

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PNW-ISA Winter 2019 Workshop Schedule

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Trees and the Law - November 4, Surrey, BC

Tree Appraisal Techniques - December 2-3, Boise, ID

Effective Report Writing - December 2, Victoria, BC

Effective Report Writing - January 24, Surrey, BC

Basics of Tree Biomechanics - January 27, Vancouver, WA

TRAQ & TRAQ Renewal Workshops

Now the time to sign up for an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ). If you are already TRAQ qualified and are due for renewal, we also offer a TRAQ Renewal one-day workshop. To register for a TRAQ Renewal, you must already hold a TRAQ credential. You may participate in the TRAQ Renewal as early as 18 months prior to your qualification expiration date and your new expiration date will be calculated from your current TRAQ expiration date. There is NO disadvantage for renewing early. Registration closes one month before workshop.

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Thank You to Our Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop Sponsors

PNW-ISA wants to extend an additional thank you to our generous 2019 sponsors who helped make the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop a success! We could not have done this without them!