PNW-ISA 2nd Women’s Climbing Workshop A Success!

Melissa Amrhein
PNW-ISA Education Program Manager
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PNW-ISA hosted its second successful Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop on June 7-9, 2019 in Seattle, WA. International Tree Climbing Championship competitors Bear LeVangie and Melissa LeVangie flew in from the east coast to teach along with a top notch instructional team including Rebecca Seibel-Hunt, Kate Tarkington, Jamilee Kempton, Kali Alcorn, Krista Strating and Maria Tranguch. The group was engaging, enthusiastic, genuine and knowledgeable. What a team!

Participation was diverse. Women traveled from out of state and out of country to participate. Experience levels ranged from no previous climbing to those that wanted to improve specific skills. Every participant made big leaps towards their goals. It was empowering to observe the transformations that occurred in such a short period of time.

Instructors kept us on our toes as we learned so much in a few days. We meticulously examined gear to learn about the function of each piece to be aware of safety and quality. A variety of knots were learned, practiced and applied in the field. Instructors were keenly aware of safety. They clearly defined expectations and trust was established in the group. Climbers' abilities were stretched and their skills enhanced. Fun prizes were tucked high in the trees to challenge climbers to safely retrieve them. We learned various ascension strategies such as the footlock, body thrust, and lanyard crawl. Hammocks were strategically placed in elevated places to provide a resting place while participants pondered their next move.

Early morning yoga was held to prepare our bodies and minds for the challenges of each day. In the evening, we had a campfire ring and shared our “highs” and “lows” of the day. It was so encouraging to have the support of such a great group of women!

Thank You to Our Sponsors

PNW-ISA thanks our generous 2019 sponsors who helped to make the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop possible. We could not have done this without them!

Bartlett Tree Experts; Out on a Limb Tree Company LLC; Shelter Tree Care Products; Sonshine Tree Care; Champion Tree Care; Samson-The Strongest Name in Rope; Teufelberger;; WesSpur; Davey-Proven Solutions for a Growing World; Jenise's Jammers; Renaissance Tree Care; Tree Solutions Inc; Radix Tree and Landscape Consulting Inc.; Tree Stewards; KAVU; Petzl; The Tree Service; BC Plant Health Care; Sue Nicol; M2 Landscape Architecture and Arboriculture; Fruitful Tree Care LLC; Seattle Tree Care;; D. Clark Arboriculture; Morgan Holen & Associates; evo; Sweaty Betty Tree Care, LLC; PanorArbor; 360 Tree Care; Red Ants Pants