Check Out Our Tree Climbing Workshops This Summer!

Melissa Amrhein
PNW-ISA Education Program Manager
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Philip Kelley and Jamilee Kempton, August's workshop instructors

We hear you! When members share their education requests in our annual member survey and workshop evaluations, PNW-ISA identifies how we can meet your needs. Members repeatedly ask that the Chapter offer more tree climbing workshops and we responded!

This summer PNW-ISA is hosting four tree climbing workshops. The first two were in early June, the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop (WTCW) and the Advanced Tree Climbing workshop. Both workshops were taught by an all-female instructional team. These workshops brought members from across the Chapter. Both the U.S. and Canada were represented. A huge thank you to the WTCW committee for acquiring sponsorships, reviewing scholarships, and coordinating details and logistics for these workshops!

In August 2019 PNW-ISA will offer two climbing workshops at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle, WA. The first workshop will be about tree support systems. The Structural Support Systems Workshop will be a 2-day workshop that is lecture based and hands-on. This workshop will cover the ANSI A300 Part 3 Supplemental Support Systems standards that are applied to the installation and maintenance of tree support systems, including cabling, bracing and guying. Various cabling approaches will be discussed such as bracing for split trees, through rods, and outside the box support systems. Learn more about this workshop here.

PNW-ISA will also offer an Introduction to Tree Climbing workshop in August. Introduction to Tree Climbing is a 2-day hands-on workshop designed for tree care professionals who want to learn or refresh the basic fundamentals, practice and safety protocols of tree access and climbing for arboricultural work. This workshop will teach those new to climbing the basic skills to be safe, efficient and productive out in the field. There will be emphasis on ANSI Z133 safety standards compliance as an ongoing theme throughout the workshop to drive home the importance of safety. Learn more about the Introduction to Tree Climbing Workshop here.

Tree climbing workshops rely on key partnerships with locations that are willing to host tree climbing activities. We are always looking for new locations to host tree climbing workshops that also have indoor classroom space for 40. If you know of an ideal location that would be willing to host a climbing workshop, we are interested in learning more about it. Please email suggestions to