Speak at the 2019 Oregon Urban and Community Forestry Annual Conference

The 2019 Oregon Annual Urban and Community Forestry Annual Conference will be held at Portland’s World Forestry Center on June 6, 2019. This annual event is hosted by Oregon Community Trees, Oregon Department of Forestry U&CF Program, and the USDA Forest Service. The theme is: "Making Space for Trees - Designing Tree Friendly Infrastructure for Oregon Communities."

Presentations can be as long as 35-50 minutes for plenary speakers, or as short as 10 minutes for lightning-round speakers. They also are always looking for people who would like to facilitate or take notes during a Small Group Discussion on a theme-related topic.

If you speak well and have research or experience-based knowledge on a given topic, please submit a presentation proposal here.

The deadline for proposals is January 10, 2019.

Presentation Ideas

If you would like to speak but aren't certain about which topic you'd like to focus on, please consider the following ideas.

  • Designing tree friendly infrastructure for Oregon communities
  • Sidewalk construction alternatives as a means to free trees from planting strip limitations
  • Trees vs sidewalks. Barriers/ permeable etc
  • Design alternatives to downtown streetscapes
  • Is there such a thing as a “well-behaved tree” for urban streets?
  • How to give “old” streetscapes an “upgrade” in their tree canopy without a complete downtown remodel
  • Trees and building design & Low-impact design
  • Designing urban infrastructure for tree health and survival
  • Methods and specs to increase soil volume
  • Green Infrastructure – How best to include trees in Low Impact Development
  • The importance of providing adequate soil volume/other soil related things we can do to help give urban trees a better chance
  • Look UP! Making space for trees with overhead utilities
  • Do I have to repair the sidewalk if the City’s tree wrecked it? How cities pay for infrastructure costs caused by trees.
  • Trees, fees, and a healthier urban forest
  • How to make room for older trees that have outgrown their space
  • Curb-tight or grassy strip? – How to plan for sidewalks that benefit trees
  • Trees in Parking Lots – How to keep them healthy

If you would like to get feedback on a presentation idea, would like to propose an event sponsor, or have any questions, please contact the conference staff at conference@oregoncommunitytrees.org.