Thank You for Adding to Our Community

Dylan Saito Dylan Saito
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To my fellow PNW-ISA members, a huge thank you for your continued support, bringing our chapter to a new level of service and community!  Being a part of this tree family has been a vital part of my career and the reason why I have volunteered for almost a decade. I am getting into the groove of things as the new editor, as I had some huge shoes to fill.  As expected, the board has ensured I have all I need to make this an effective transition.

One of my favorite things to do each year is to serve as a judge at the regional tree climbing competitions, spending quality time with my fellow Arborists and partners. I also enjoy attending Arborists in the Arboretum at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, OR, and volunteering with numerous nonprofits and organizations. Let’s not forget about all the fantastic conferences and courses we share! I believe this type of engagement is necessary to keep our bonds strong and share new information within our given fields. It is a dream to be working at this level, with so many great people, and I am so excited for what the future holds.

I entered the field of Arboriculture with a passion for the environment and helping my community. After nine or so years in the private sector, I made the leap into the municipal realm for the last four years, in an attempt to magnify the effects and benefits of my efforts. I will admit it’s not for everyone, as bureaucracy and politics will always be near the forefront of what you do day to day.  However, with my entire career working as a production Arborist, I have kept all ties to my vast network of friends and colleagues, to ensure our voice is heard on all planes. Now, I have this amazing opportunity to assist with the very chapter that provided me with the educational and certification material I needed to climb to the top of this very moment!

I end with a hope for all of us. It is that what we do every day, continues to raise awareness on how important community, the environment, and health and wellness is to our quality of life. Making the planet a better place to live is everyone’s responsibility. Our jobs get harder each day, and the rewards greater than anything tangible.  To share our experiences in this setting, culminates all the hard work you and our predecessors have done. So, thank you all for what you add to our tree community. I look forward to speaking with all membership through this great medium … our newsletter.