Welcome to Editor Dylan Saito

Dylan Saito: a man with a dark mustache dressed in tree climbing gear.Dylan Saito is an experienced arborist with a passion for sharing knowledge. He’s been involved with PNW-ISA for more than a decade as a head judge for regional climbing competitions. We are pleased to welcome him to his new role as Editor.

Dylan is overflowing with ideas for our digital future. “I want to provide members with the best possible information,” he said in an email. We have valuable resources in the form of Jim Barborinas’ Tree Profiles and Zeb Haney’s Tree Climbing 101 articles, but we can do more. Dylan and the PNW-ISA staff will work together in the coming months to find new topics and contributors.

Dylan’s vision calls for a strong focus on working arborists throughout our region. This focus "may increase the knowledge base, member base, and allow for Arborists to write their own story from different parts of the region we don’t normally hear from." He hopes these arborists will share their trade techniques, experiences, and photographs of best practices.

Dylan is passionate about advocating for mentoring and internship. “I want to really push the boundaries, and encourage internships for interested students and women in Arboriculture, Forestry, and the field.  We lose so many Arborists to injury, death, and retirement. I want to capture their experience before it fades away.”

“If we carefully practice the art of education and outreach, it will open the eyes of people who love trees, the benefits they provide to the planet, and the way we can all create this together.”

If you would like to help bring Dylan’s ideas to life, please email us at news@pnwisa.org.