Exciting Transitions

Hello fellow PNW ISA members, colleagues and friends. This message to you comes with exciting transitions on the mind of your Chapter board and leadership team.

As you know, last Fall at ATC 2017 in Lynnwood, WA we said goodbye to several of our long-standing chapter leaders who helped produce a culture of friendship and teamwork on our Board that is critical to growing our organization and members. As you well know, change brings with it uncertainty of what the future holds – can we recruit new leaders to fill the voids left behind? What new ideas and opportunities lie ahead with new members on our team?

Following our first board retreat of 2018, I am proud to say that our team is alive and well! Our new board members and staff bring with them new perspectives, enthusiasm and a thirst for innovation. When you combine this renewed vision with the sound mission and strategic direction developed by the board, staff and membership in 2017, great things are soon to come!

It’s exciting to say that 2018 will be a year of renewal and new frontiers for our Chapter. In addition to continuing a high level of service to further arboriculture and educational opportunities for our members, we will see new ways to inform and connect with our membership in order to learn and better serve your needs. Finally, in building on this theme of new frontiers and innovation, we invite you to join us for our Annual Training Conference, which this year is a part of the International Urban Forestry Congress. To learn more visit the Conference website at http://iufcvancouver2018.com.

Until we speak again, best wishes to you all!

Take care,

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Lance Davisson Lance Davisson
2017-8 President
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