Annual Training Conference 2018 is IUFC 2018

On September 30 - October 3, join us for an exciting opportunity. PNW-ISA’s Annual Training Conference will take place in Vancouver, BC in combination with Tree Canada and Urban Tree Diversity’s conferences to create this unique event. The theme, “The Urban Forest - Diverse in Nature” is a natural fit for this diverse array of attendees with a common interest in our urban forests.

The Congress will be a forum for practicing arborists and urban foresters, green space planners and designers, policymakers, researchers, educators, and nonprofits to share their unique insights into arboriculture and urban forestry. Our collective knowledge and experience can help us all shape better urban forests all around the world.

The Congress will include presentations, workshops, and field trips. PNW-ISA will also host three pre-conference Tree Academies from Congress keynote speaker Jeremy Barrell, Renowned researcher and presenter Julian Dunster, and Wildlife habitat expert Brian French.

Keynote Speakers

The Congress is honored to present seven keynote speakers: Chris Baines, Jeremy Barrell, Susan Day, John Gathright, Joyce Murray, Ian Shears, and Suzanne Simard. Learn more about the Keynote Speakers here.


Speakers have been asked to present on these topics:

  • People Diversity, City Diversity - how people and communities of different backgrounds perceive and use urban forests
  • Urban Forest Diversity - studying the different parts of the urban forest and promoting diverse and resilient urban forests
  • Urban Forest Management: Diverse Challenges, Diverse Approaches - the many different ways in which we manage our urban forests
  • Governance and Partnerships for Diverse Urban Forests - exploring different governance approaches and partnerships for successful urban forestry
  • Natural Diversity in Our Urban Forests - the role of nature and approaches for rewilding our cities
  • Diversity in Urban Forestry Education and Communication - training the arborists and urban foresters of the future and sharing the benefits of an urban forestry
  • Integrative Perspectives on Diversity in Urban Forestry

Join Us in Vancouver This Fall

In addition to the incredible networking and education opportunities at the conference itself, the Vancouver, BC region is a delightful destination. It is home to some of the most productive and intact natural ecosystems on the planet. Their modern and multicultural cities border a great river, a living sea, towering mountains, and lush rainforests.

The Westin Bayshore, the host hotel and congress venue, lies nestled in the junction of busy downtown Vancouver and the beautiful and serene Stanley Park. A great place to visit, a great place to learn!

Visit to learn more and register.