Applied Tree Biology by A.D. Hirons and P.A Thomas

There are quite a few books on plant biology and a lot of books about trees. Applied Tree Biology sets out to merge the two themes into a text that is specifically aimed at arborists and tree managers. There are ten chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Woody Skeleton
  3. Leaves and Crown
  4. Tree Roots
  5. The Next Generation of Trees: From Seeds to Planting
  6. Tree Water Relationships
  7. Tree Carbon Relationships
  8. Tree Nutrition
  9. Interactions With Other Organisms
  10. Environmental Challenges for Trees

The chapters provide in depth technical discussion, and include additional commentary by contributing experts. The diagrams and photographs are uniformly excellent; well drawn, easy to read and understand, and possibly the best I have seen in a long time. The text is well laid out, and has a very readable style for such a technical work. The multidisciplinary approach works well, and the book provides a very solid foundation of technical knowledge about how the entire tree works, and how it responds to pruning, damage, climate, weather, and general environmental stress. It includes contemporary material and management approaches and is well balanced; not too esoteric as to be irrelevant, but detailed enough to provide a good working knowledge of what takes place in the tree. The science underlying the principles is well explained.

All in all, this is a book that should become a required reference for certified arborists, and anyone else wanting to learn more about tree biology. It is an excellent refresher for those of us wanting to keep up to date. Consulting arborists will want this on the shelf - it is a solid reference with a lot of very useful material.

Hirons, A.D., and P.A Thomas. 2018. Applied Tree Biology. Hoboken: Wiley Blackwell.
ISBN 978-1-118-29640-0

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