2018 Annual Urban and Community Forestry Conference Call for Proposals

2018 Annual Urban and Community Forestry Conference

Thursday, June 7, 2018 at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon

“The Dollars and Sense of Urban Trees – Are you getting the biggest bang for your buck?”

City tree managers are like investment executives whose task it is to optimize their community’s return on investment from their urban forests. But, which best management practices, habits, and innovative approaches actually contribute to the bottom line of a city’s tree budget? Do large cities and small cities have to think and act differently when it comes to  - proactively versus reactively - managing their city trees? Are there small changes in work habits, tree selection, or tree codes that can add up to significant tree care cost savings? And, if a city is optimizing its approach to tree management, what is the best way to let the town’s decision makers know?

The conference audience includes arborists, city foresters and urban tree managers, landscape architects and contractors, tree care professionals, nursery professionals, students, academics, natural resources managers, municipal governments and local forestry leaders from communities across Oregon.

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