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Patty Williams Patty Williams
PNW-ISA Executive Director
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All Things Conference – that’s usually what ATC stands for at this time of year in the Chapter office. The reality is, ATC stands for Annual Training Conference. This year, the Chapter will host the 39th Annual Training Conference in Lynnwood, WA.

Ian Scott, Project Manager for Davey Resource Group, is heading up the conference planning committee and providing oversight to the many cogs in the conference planning wheel needed to ensure a successful conference.

Which brings me to the word, successful. During the Board of Director’s strategic planning retreat this past May, one board member commented during an exercise that a “successful” conference cannot be measured in financial terms alone. I entertained this conversation again in a phone call nearly three months later.

The conversation went something like this. A financially successful conference – one that does not lose money – is important and vital to the Chapter’s financial health and sustainability. That’s why registrations, sponsorships, and exhibitors are all incredibly important every single year.

A successful conference program, however, ensures that both new and seasoned conference goers find presentations of value. Attendees leave with new information to use in their day-to-day environments. They recognize the networking opportunities afforded by the conference. They meet new professional colleagues and convene with ones they have known for years. They even make new friends.

If attendees walk away from a conference, or any other PNW event, wondering why they just spent good, hard-earned money on a program with little value, those people won’t come back. At risk then is a ripple effect wherein those members never come back or sometimes even worse, share negative reviews with others.

Fortunately, the “satisfied/very satisfied” approval rating for our Annual Training Conferences typically comes in at 90% and above. Fortunately, the Chapter engages a dedicated, enthusiastic group of volunteers year after year – who want as much value from a conference as anyone – to organize and convene the Annual Training Conference.

Trust me, they have you in mind.

Join us in Lynnwood, WA, September 24-27. And take advantage of the chance to watch some of the best climbers in the entire PNW region compete for the Chapter Tree Climbing Championship at Woodland Park in Seattle, September 23-24.