Your Market Value

Lyle Feilmeier
Bartlett Tree Experts
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What is your market value as an employee or a potential employee looking to be hired or working with a professional tree care company?

I recently had a conversation with several of my non-certified production arborists regarding attaining the ISA Certified Arborist Certification. Many are trained “in-house” and others are hired from the outside. All with different skill sets and experience. All of them are motivated to improve and take the opportunity to be moved up from production, whether they were climbers or plant health care technicians looking for new opportunity.

One individual I talked to had never climbed a tree or sprayed a landscape for insects or diseases. This individual was hired as an Arborist Rep to sell tree care within an office of many employees who had the experience and knowledge to become an Arborist Rep. I was curious how he got the position usually given to those from within, as were the several individuals who wanted the job.

His answer to me was this: Everyone has the ability to do a job they choose. The question each individual has to ask is, “What am I doing for myself to better prepare myself for a desired position so that when the opportunity becomes available, I am ready?” He continued to explain that he had taken college courses, started networking with companies he was interested in, acquired ISA certification, participated in many ISA training conferences and seminars, and prepared a resume. He started going on interviews for jobs, from positions he was over-qualified for to those he was under-qualified for. He explained that after each interview he got a better understanding about what his market value was within the industry. Once a position opened up with a company he was interested in, he had the education, ISA Certification, and the needed experience based on his market value.

How many of us go to work every day to work hard and become an expert at our jobs? At the same time, how many of us keep putting off the opportunity to better ourselves through education or at minimum getting an ISA Certification? The opportunities are available to all; the paths for a career in arboriculture have been paved. It takes the individual to walk the path and prepare themselves and be ready for the opportunities they are looking for. Only you can walk the path laid out in front of you.