The Rules

I’ve been working and climbing with trees for a few years now. And I’ve developed a set of rules for myself to stay safe, efficient, and make my job easier. Here they are:climbing equipment

  1. Learn new things low and slow.
  2. Tie in twice when using a saw.
  3. Go for the highest and best TIP right away, but don’t be too stubborn to abandon it if it just isn’t working.
  5. Store your climbing gear apart from any fuel or sharp equipment.
  6. Don’t coil ropes, flake them.
  7. Don’t buy cheap gear.
  8. Use spurs only when removing trees.
  9. Have a plan.
  10. Rigging is rigging and climbing is climbing ... don’t use climbing gear for rigging.
  11. Put a stopper knot in the end of your rope.
  12. Chainsaws are two-handed tools.
  13. Never argue with someone holding a running chainsaw.
  14. While it’s awesome to rig big wood, taking small pieces is almost always the quickest way to a successful job.
  15. Keep your saw sharp.
  16. Never free climb.
  17. Trust your gut – if the job doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.
  18. Never walk from the work zone to the chipper without dragging some brush.
  19. Sometimes it’s better to make more trips and carry branches.
  20. Use a friction saver.

Twenty rules seems like a pretty good number. But let me add a couple more right at the end here.

  1. Stay away from the wires.
  2. Don’t climb high … yeah, you know what I mean.

So, there is some insight into my personal rules. What are yours?

Article By:

Zeb Haney
Tree Resource
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