Ian Scott

Ian Scott
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Ian Scott, Chair, ATC 2017
Photo courtesy of Sabina Burd Photography (www.sabinaburd.com)

My membership with the ISA began when I became a certified arborist in 2000. This was the same year that I moved to the PNW and joined the Chapter. At the time, my involvement was limited, but then the international conference was being hosted in Seattle so I volunteered to help. The networking and comradery with my peers was so enjoyable that I’ve stayed an active volunteer with the Chapter ever since.

My current volunteer position is the planning chair for the 2017 Annual Training Conference being hosted nearby in Lynnwood, Washington. Over the years, I’ve gained tremendous leadership experience through my volunteer efforts with the ISA, and this position is another opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Early on in my career, I learned from the example of my mentors at Puget Sound Energy, how volunteerism within the PNW-ISA creates even more opportunities to learn and grow professionally than just our daily work on its own.

I started my career in arboriculture after finishing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Forestry and Environmental Management from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Upon graduation, I found work with Davey in California practicing Utility Vegetation Management. Moving around on various utility contracts I was getting increasing exposure to urban forestry issues across the country. I found the greatest joy in my work when I was at the interface between arboriculture and the urban environment. This specialization has resulted in my current position, where I work with clients to collect urban forest inventory information, provide analysis through software such as the iTree Suite of Tools, and develop tree management recommendations that balance values of safety, human needs, and environmental sustainability.

When I’m not working with people and trees, I hang my hard hat in a home underneath the shade of a 125’ douglas-fir tree in Shoreline, Washington. Along with my spouse, we’re raising two children and running around in the yard with two dogs. Together, we’re often volunteering with school groups so my kids can have a better world, and any other free time usually involves camping somewhere around the Puget Sound.

I’m a proud member if the PNW-ISA Chapter and as the years go on, I’m looking forward to continuing to help other tree care professionals in the industry through this organization. It’s my hope that we can all work together and continuously improve on the level of professionalism in our areas of practice through our sharing of knowledge and experiences.