Annual Training Conference 2017 Logo

This Year's Theme: People & Trees Adapting to Change

Trees are increasingly recognized as a vital link in bridging environmental, social, and policy issues. Professionals from a broad range of disciplines are paying more attention to the role of trees in their collective efforts for environmental conservation. The working arborist’s role is to keep current with the science and practice of tree care and effectively convey that information to a broad audience in a rapidly changing world.

Effective collaboration between professions and disciplines results in more successful solutions than any one group can achieve on their own. Linking our expertise and efforts may be our most vital tool for adapting to change.

ATC 2017 Logo

In developing our logo this year, we wanted to honor the locale. Conference attendees will be converging in Snohomish County; an ecological and societal delta where the mountains, estuaries, and sound come together with big cities and big trees. Through our artistic rendering of the location we hope to inspire attendees to see more solutions than obstacles when adapting to change.

The logo was provided and developed by local artist/photographer Sabina Burd.


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Ian Scott
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