Member Survey 2016 Summary Report

Last summer, PNW-ISA sent an electronic survey to the membership to solicit feedback on our overall member services and benefits. Congratulations to Charles Rognlie, the lucky winner of a $100 course discount for participating in the survey.

The PNW-ISA Board of Directors and staff have reviewed the survey and summary of responses. The candid responses – both positive and negative – are extremely useful to us as we move forward with a new strategic plan. Together, we continue to build a solid, effective member organization for the professional arboriculture community in the Pacific Northwest.

We would like to see more members take advantage of the Certified Arborist Directory. Did you know that the basic listing is free? Signing up is as simple as checking a box. Follow the directions on the Arborist Directory Registration page. This complimentary member service is one of the ways we can help ensure homeowners and others find qualified tree care companies and consultants.

What follows is the summary of responses we received.

Responses Summary

How satisfied are you with the value for the money of your PNW-ISA membership?

Extremely Satisfied 9.3%
Very Satisfied 41.86%
Somewhat Satisfied 35.35%
Not So Satisfied 8.84%
Not At All Satisfied 4.65%

On a scale of 0-10 (10 being very likely), how likely are you to recommend PNW-ISA membership to a friend or colleague?

0-6 score (detractors) 33.89%
7-8 score (passives) 30.23%
9-10 (promoters) 35.81%

Compared to a year ago, is the quality of PNW-ISA member services better, worse, or about the same?

Great Deal Better 2.79%
Quite a Bit Better 12.56%
Somewhat Better 25.58%
About the Same 42.33%
Somewhat Worse 0.93%
Quite a Bit Worse 0.93%
Great Deal Worse 0.00%
Don’t Know 14.88%

Are you listed in the PNW-ISA online Arborist Directory?

Currently Listed 29.77%
Plan to List Within Next 2 Years 13.49%
No Plans to List 10.70%
Not For Hire 42.79%
Not an ISA Certified Arborist 7.91%

What is the primary benefit you receive from your PNW-ISA membership?

This open-ended question secured 215 responses. Positive comments highlighted words like Certification, Education, Networking, Training, Conference, Classes, Current Information, Access to Industry Experts, Continuous Learning, Website, Publications, Learning, Newsletter, CEUs, Knowledge, Information, Discounts, Emails, Chapter Updates, Credibility, Professional Connections, Tree Climbing Competitions, and more.

Some responses highlighted areas wherein the Chapter could be doing much better. Responses included limited educational opportunities and expensive rates for membership and classes. A handful of respondents could name no primary benefit at all.

 What does the PNW-ISA do really well?

Responses to this question mirrored the responses to the primary benefit question. Most responses were positive about education and training opportunities as well as member communications from the Chapter. The website and annual training conference were also noted. Many members found the Chapter to have professional integrity and credibility as well as good customer service.

Some respondents saw the Chapter as skilled at collecting money and promoting its own image.

Thank You

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the survey, as well as to our members. We hope to continue to improve our services throughout 2017. If you missed your chance to participate, keep an eye on your inbox this fall for an invitation to this year's survey.