PNW-ISA ATC 2017 Request for Presentation Proposals

PNW-ISA ATC 2017 "People and Trees: Adapting to Change"
September 24-27, Lynnwood, Washington

Proposals are due by Monday, February 20, 2017.

Trees are increasingly recognized as a vital link in bridging environmental, social, and policy issues. Professionals from a broad range of disciplines are paying more attention to the role of trees in their collective efforts for environmental conservation. The working arborist’s role is to keep current with the science and practice of tree care, and to effectively convey that information to a broad audience in a rapidly changing world. Effective collaboration between professions and disciplines results in more successful solutions than any one group can achieve on their own. Linking our expertise and efforts may be our most vital tool for adapting to change. We look forward to featuring a multitude of informative and provocative presentations, inspiring plenary speakers, and unlimited networking opportunities complementing the conference theme “People and Trees: Adapting to Change”.

Key Presentation Questions and Topic Areas

Some of the key questions and topic areas surrounding this year's theme include:

  • New approaches in arboriculture practices that address changing growing conditions for trees in the built environment.
  • How can professional and interdisciplinary collaboration improve outcomes for trees and people?
  • The influence of changing climate patterns on tree care needs and standard practices.
  • Social and environmental benefits of trees - putting new data to work.
  • How are you adapting your work as an arborist to changing client expectations?
  • Which arboriculture practices are becoming more vital to maintaining and preserving trees?

Proposal Criteria

We are aiming for a program with visionary, inspiring, and future-focused speakers who can offer practical, engaging, and thought-provoking presentations. A successful proposal will:

  • Relate to build on the conference theme," People and Trees: Adapting to Change."
  • Provide tangible takeaways: audience members will be able to put good ideas to work right away.
  • Be informative and of strong interest to conference participants.
  • Be a single presentation or an interactive panel. We may consider combining single presentations with other compatible presentations.
  • Be relevant to one or more of the conference tracks:
    • Municipal Arborists & Urban Foresters
    • Climbing Arborists
    • Commercial Arborists & Consultants
    • Utility Arborists
    • Plenary Sessions (attended by all)
    • Field Day
    • Tree Academies

Presentations in the main conference tracks and plenary sessions are generally an hour long, including time for questions. Field day sessions are generally 1.5 hours long and tree academies are 3 hours or more.

Proposal Submission Requirements

In order for your proposal to be considered, it must include the following:

  • Presentation title: In 12 words or less; think brief, catchy, and descriptive. Avoid punctuation when possible.
  • Proposed track: Municipal, Climbing, Commercial, Utility, Plenary, Field Day, Academy
  • Description, 200 words or less: Covering the topic content and proposed means of delivering information. Include a clear and concise explanation of what participants will learn, and how the presentation relates to the conference theme and its proposed track.
  • Speaker contact information
    If there are multiple speakers, list the first speaker as the primary contact.

    • Name(s)/Title(s)
    • Company name or agency
    • Email address(es)
    • Mailing address(es)
    • Phone number(s)
    • Professional biography: Biographies will be used to apply for continuing education credits. PNW-ISA reserves the right to edit biographies for length for promotional purposes.

We look forward to working with you to make this the most exciting PNW-ISA learning experience ever!

Proposals are due by Monday, February 20, 2017.

How to Submit

Email your presentation proposal as a PDF or Word document to the PNW-ISA ATC 2017 Program Co-Chairs. Please include “PNW-ISA Presentation Proposal” in the subject line.

PNW-ISA ATC 2017 Program Co-Chairs

Christina Pfeiffer

Bess Bronstein

After Submission

You will receive confirmation that your presentation proposal was received.

Proposals will be reviewed by the program committee. You will receive notification of the status of your proposal by March 10, 2017.

Please contact us if you have questions!

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PNW-ISA 2017 ATC Request for Presentations

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