Easy CEU Opportunities

Lyle Feilmeier
Bartlett Tree Experts
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Here we go again, another year is coming to an end as we move into the 2016 Holiday season. I recently attended the Liaison Meeting in Chicago in October, as I do every year as part of my duties as the Certification Director for the Chapter. The attendees at this meeting include ISA staff and a representative from every chapter or associate organization. Part of the agenda is discussion and exercise on assigning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to training courses.

Many of us, including me, are getting our ISA renewals in the mail to renew our current certifications, whether it be Board Certified Master Arborist, Municipal Arborist, Utility Arborist, Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Worker, or a combination of several. Each of these certifications needs CEUs in order to renew. Many of us attend ISA or Chapter training seminars throughout the three years between renewals. And, like me, many of us do not monitor our CEUs until the last six months before our certification expires. At that point we have to scramble to find training to meet the CEU requirements before the deadline of December 31st.

We all find high value in attending the great programs put on by the Chapter and/or the ISA to gain CEUs. However, how many of us go to our daily jobs and receive excellent training on a day-to-day basis through scheduled on-the-job training, whether it be a morning safety meeting or “tail gate,” a bi-monthly aerial rescue training, bi-annual first aid training, etc. All this job training is eligible for CEUs and they add up quickly and cost nothing but your time to achieve. With a little planning and submitting a request for CEUs, we all could get better at managing the accumulation of the required CEUs before the deadline.

Below are the accepted events or training and the available CEUs for each:

  1. Each credit hour of college course work is worth 10 CEUs.
  2. A First Aid or CPR course or renewal is worth 4 CEUs per certification period.
  3. An article written for a magazine or newspaper is worth 3 CEUs.
  4. Climbers and judges can be awarded up to 3 CEUs, at ITCC and Chapter TCC events.
  5. Company/association training programs that include home study exams will receive 1 CEU per 20 questions.
  6. CEU quizzes with a pass rate of 80%, associated with books with study guides, magazine articles, chapter newsletters, and online quizzes will receive 1 CEU per 20 questions.
  7. Certification exam training workshops attendees and instructors are eligible for CEUs at 1 CEU per hour of session, with a maximum 10 CEUs for a program.
  8. Presenters, instructors, and leaders at workshops, conferences, seminars, or other related training or education programs receive the equivalent number of CEUs awarded to the attendees if they attend the entire program.

Detailed information is required in advance for the Chapter to review and approve CEUs for a course or training event. The CEU Request for Approval Form can be downloaded from the Chapter’s website. We are also able to review and assign CEUs for trainings offered on an ongoing basis (such as in-house safety courses). However, all requests for CEUs after a course has been taken are referred to ISA. If you have any questions, please contact the Chapter or the PNW Certification Liaison through the PNW website – and check out the newly updated Maintaining Certification page for a wealth of training opportunity ideas!