The Value of ISA Certification and Membership

Lyle Feilmeier
Bartlett Tree Experts
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As Mother Nature pushes out another winter season, we all get a little teased with some mild sunny days giving us a taste of the spring to come. Temperatures are in the 60s, flowering plums are almost in bloom, and the witch hazels are just finished up, yet I know there are weeks of rain still on their way to bring us all back to reality.

It’s been a while since I have discussed the value of ISA Certification and Membership. As an Arborist Representative for Bartlett Tree Experts, I get to interact with and promote my profession to many people – from clients, employees, and peers to random people – on a daily basis. As a professional, I have a true passion for my profession. I continually look for opportunity to support, learn, improve, and educate myself and others I interact with on the benefits and care of trees.

As in other professions, there are membership-based societies, associations, and professional groups that exist to provide like-minded people opportunity to learn, network, research, and interact with each other. The reason these groups exist is so that members can share their experience and knowledge with each other.

We continue to work and improve the professionalism of the arboricultural industry. We promote our memberships, certifications, and activeness on our marketing in order to gain a possible edge on our competition. We all have competitors in our markets we compete for business with on a daily basis that do not have ISA Certified Arborists on staff or memberships in the local chapter. Our industry is constantly changing based on research, training, development of new techniques, and improvement of tools to make the job safer or more efficient. Although this comes with a cost, the benefits of an ISA certification and/or a membership far outweigh the costs.

I am amazed at the growth and support our Chapter sees annually by the commitment of our members and the value individuals see of the benefits of ISA Certifications and Qualifications. THANK YOU!