Education Update – April 2013

Courses & Workshops


Reports: The Landscape Professional as Report Writer

April 11

Presenter: Elizabeth Walker

Whether you work in the public sector or with a private business, effective communication about the trees we care for is integral to our success. The most valuable tool you have to communicate with your clients is clear, effective writing. Good reports, whether management plans, tree risk assessments, tree appraisals or bid proposals, go a long way to ensure a positive outcome for any project. Elizabeth Walker will de-mystify the art of writing simple and clear reports in this workshop. She will talk about the important elements to include for clear communication and the importance of how you organize your information for your audience. Part of the workshop includes an invitation to review actual reports, see good examples, and identify ways to make them better. A box lunch will be provided. Register now; space is limited to 50 attendees. Approved for 4.75 ISA CEUs.


Understanding the Law: The Do’s and Don’ts on the Frontline and in the Courtroom

Two Dates, Two Locations!

Presenter: Sasha Nowicki

Sasha’s diverse expertise ranges from the minutiae of corporate tax law to the underwater science of aquatic biology. She has an LL.B. from the University of British Columbia and a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Zoology from the University of Alberta. This workshop will focus on Canadian law.

Join Sasha Nowicki, BSc, LLB, in a full day workshop aimed to equip arborists and other arboriculture professionals with an understanding of the law in relation to trees, including the law of trespass, particularly as it relates to trees on private property. PNW-ISA Regional Educational Coordinator, Verna Mumby, will begin the workshop with a brief outline of some of her arborist reports that were used in court and share her experience as an expert witness.

Ms. Nowicki will explain the legal rights and responsibilities attached to ownership and to activities that affect the condition of trees. She will discuss the surprisingly common challenge posed by boundary or border trees with respect to ownership and the law of nuisance. She will also discuss when an arborist or consultant can be found liable, introduce how the court system works, and expand upon alternatives to the court system.

As arborists we could be asked to be expert witnesses in a legal case. Ms. Nowicki will provide information on what to expect in this situation and how to work effectively with lawyers. She will provide you with information to help you educate property owners who often have misconceptions about “their rights” when it comes to “their trees,” and how you can assist the court with your clear explanations of the actual on-the-ground circumstances in a legal dispute.


Resistograph Training Workshops

August 19-26, 2013

Presenter: Frank Rinn

Plans are to hold four (4) one-day workshops in Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver during this time. The presentation will cover basic and advanced biomechanics of a tree, explaining how decay-detection devices work and the pros and cons of the different types of equipment. Watch for more details in these monthly updates.


2013 Annual Training Conference

“Rooted in the Future”

September 22-25, 2013

Surrey, BC – Sheraton Guildford Hotel

The City of Surrey provides a successful mix of natural and urban landscapes with a spectacular pace of new development, the new Surrey City Centre nearby, and extensive natural and developed parks and urban forests. Green Timbers Urban will likely be the site of the PNW Tree Climbing Championship. The Field Day will include tours of Surrey’s great natural and horticultural urban forests and estate-sized developed gardens, led by Surrey’s own urban forestry arborists. With nearly 3500 acres of natural park areas and large urban forests, over 65,000 street trees, and 18,000 shade trees, the City of Surrey plants an additional 5,000 trees each year. This promises to be another great conference. Mark your calendars!


Tree Risk Assessment Course & Exam (TRACE)

As of February 1, 2013, all non-BC TRACE certificate holders have been assimilated into the new ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) program.

TRACE courses are currently being scheduled in British Columbia through June 2013. ISA has submitted TRAQ program materials to WorkSafe BC as part of a formal review process to determine whether the new qualification will replace TRACE as the approved provincial standard.

Until TRAQ is formally approved by the WorkSafe BC Board, the PNW-ISA TRACE credential and program will remain valid and active in British Columbia.

TRACE Course Schedule (BC Residents Only)

Surrey, BC – May 23-24

Victoria, BC – June 3-4

This two-day advanced course trains participants in the process of tree risk assessment. The combination of classroom lectures and field work includes modules on biology, structural mechanics, risk theory and practice, reading tree conditions, assessing and assigning risk levels, and prescribing risk mitigation strategies.

These courses will be restricted to residents of British Columbia. Thank you for your understanding.


ISA Certified Arborist Certification

Find out where the next cerification exams are being held by visiting the main ISA website.


2013 OUCFC – Urban Forestry Strategies: Linking People and Landscapes

Thursday, June 6, 2013 from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM (PDT)

Portland OR | Miller Hall

Urban Forestry Strategies: Linking People and Landscapes, is the theme of the 2013 Oregon Urban and Community Forestry Conference, being held Thursday June 6, 2013 at the World Forestry Center in Portland.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Kathleen Wolf of the University of Washington and the USDA Forest Service will be joined by researchers and practitioners alike to explore ways to connect people with urban tree issues. This annual event typically attracts over 100 community leaders, citizen activists, city planners, urban foresters, landscape architects, arborists, and other natural resource professionals.


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